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If you read my last post, you know that Wind Over Water is our “new baby” of sorts.  Me, Adrienne and Lindsay have been working hard trying to get this thing off the ground.  But to do that, people need to know about us and what we are doing.  So, I bring you THE GIVEAWAY !

We wanted to fun things up a bit and give you the chance to win your very own teal o-ring necklace!



We at Wind Over Water Jewelry want you to have this!  You do not have to be a nursing mother to win or wear this.  You don’t even have to be female to win this…  Husbands, boyfriends, sons, fathers, you could win this for a special lady in your life!


If you do have a little one who might be playing with this necklace (only when worn by an adult) , You can have peace of mind knowing that the high quality materials used to create these hand crafted necklaces are non-toxic and our beads are even saliva proof!   Heck, the whole necklace can be rinsed in warm water and dried with a soft cloth!   Now how many necklaces do you own that you can do that with!  Let’s not forget the clasp, it’s a specially designed breakaway clasp which will snap open as an emergency release in case it gets caught or tugged too hard.  It is an added feature that helps keep mom and baby safer!


All we want you to focus on is your little one, all while looking gorgeous in you Wind Over Water Necklace!   Visit our Page and enter our giveaway!  The winner will be announced on 5/1/14!!!    Good luck!



Exciting Endeavors!

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Well all, this isn’t my typical post as it is not orphan/child related. However, this post IS about exciting things taking place in the world!   Something near and dear to my heart…  Something God led…   Something important that will bless others while bringing something cool into creation.  I am pleased to introduce my friend, Adrienne.

Adrienne with her son Abram.

Adrienne with her son Abram.


Here is Adrienne’s story:

“This story begins 10 years ago when traveling to Africa on an AIDS awareness humanitarian effort. While in one village with our group of college age students, a woman came out of her tiny hut, and handed her baby to us.  This was one mother’s desperate attempt to give her child opportunity.  We knew we couldn’t take this child, but also knew we we would never forget that moment.  So although this is where our story begins, you get to be a part of choosing what happens now.  Join us as we build a sustainable partnership to provide African artisans safe income generation through a jewelry collection that you would be proud to buy, wear, give, or support.”  

Wow!  Can you imagine what it must have felt like for Adrienne to have to be in that heartbreaking situation?  This mother clearly was willing to break her own heart by giving away her child, so that her  child would have opportunities she could not provide.  Sadly, this is just one heart-wrenching account of what mothers and women face everyday in places such as Africa, where poverty is so prevalent.

After many years and much prayer, Adrienne and partner Lindsay came together to form the brainchild that is Wind Over Water.   Imagine my surprise when God spoke to Adrienne’s heart and she ended up snagging me into this wonderful whirlwind of a project which has blessed me more than I can say!  I have never worked so hard on something (aside from raising my children) so meaningful and rewarding.  I am beyond proud of each piece and wish to thank my cohorts for their advice, opinions, prayers and encouragement!   I am so very excited to see what God does for these invaluable women through Wind Over Water.




Wind Over Water Jewelry provides fashion-forward, baby-friendly and socially-minded jewelry options for mothers and women who watch over little ones as well!    The pieces are simple and clean while giving you a pop of color, and the unique eye catching asymmetrical designs have a  secret functional role in reminding mom on what side she last nursed.  Just flip the necklace over after nursing.  It also gives little fingers something visually stimulating to play with while holding your child, or during nursing or bottle feeding rather than pulling on your hair or shirt!  My daughter likes to scratch and pinch, so these necklaces are awesome!    No worries that they will break your favorite necklace by tugging on it anymore either!   Plus it is all non–toxic materials which are baby safe so you can feel good about them playing with it.

When you decide to support us either by becoming a backer, wearing our jewelry, sharing our cause, giving a piece to someone as a gift, or simply praying for us in this endeavor, know that your support is directly impacting the lives of the amazing women we have partnered with.   The women we hope to help.

Please visit our page to learn more about us!   Watch the video below.  Share it!  We need your help to make this dream possible!








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