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Ch- Ch-Ch- Changes

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Ch- Ch-Ch- Changes

For some time now, I’ve been on a break of sorts, from fundraising.  For many reasons…  Time, some intense health issues, family, etc.   We’ve been in a crazy whirlwind riding on a seemingly unending rollercoaster.  Not a happy camper.

   I needed to make a tough choice… Do I keep going and run myself into the ground leaving my family in the lurch?  Or do I have to say the dreaded word “no” to these families who need help, just so I can step back, breathe and heal?  You can guess which I had to choose.

 Part of the reason for my absence is that I planned to move toward a way to help that was more manageable for my sanity and my family.   Auctions are LOADS of work and take so much out of me.  During one, my children get twenty percent of me and my husband -whose that?    I needed a better way.     

You still with me?  You’ll want to read to the bottom! Trust me. 

My heart really missed helping families, and I missed interacting with all of you, the amazing community of followers, supporters, cheerleaders, fellow bloggers, my Reece’s Rainbow peeps and the mama’s and papa’s!   Weather they are in the thick of the adoption process, or it’s in the rearview mirror.  I miss you, the updates on your kiddos, seeing photos of them thriving!  It was a difficult thing to go quiet for so long.  

There is still a long road ahead of me… Ahead of us.  But we will get there, wherever “there” is.  

 I decided the next chapter needed to be written.  Where was/am I headed with all of this?  How do I help and contribute to my own family?  

Opening an online store, where I could sell a variety of items to help make a living for my family,  and donate a portion of every sale to an adopting family or cause of the moment seemed a great option.  A boutique and flea market of sorts.   Unfortunately, I still can’t decide on a platform for my storefront.  There are a lot of options out there and it’s a hard choice.  I got antsy.  So, until I decide on the details, no more waiting.    

For now, I will use my usual Facebook page for the purpose I intend the store to eventually serve.  The items you see in my “Store Events” were originally intended for an online store I plan to open but haven’t officially.  It may function in an auction-like fashion, maybe it won’t.  A portion of the proceeds from sales will go to the family or cause I feature rather than the previous hundred percent.  The only way that will not be true is if I help a family run a traditional auction, and they have most of the items.  I may still do those very occasionally.

I have so many great items I’ve invested in, intended for the store.  I need to recoup some of that investment and help my family with some income as well.  So, for now it’s a “store”.  I’ll have store hours and use PayPal for payments.  In addition, I also started selling on EBay where most items list a donate amount to a family or cause.

Whew, it’s a lot!  

Most of you know from my many previous events that this is a legit way to help, and you end up with great items too!

I work hard to ensure everyone has a great experience, and will continue to do so.  Thank you all, for your support!

If you’re interested in learning more or keeping up to date on my store openings and events, go to Loving, Giving and Empowering.

Also check out my Current featured family and the event!  

The Willis family with their new daughter C!


The Big Reveal!

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Not many words need to go in this post, a picture is worth a thousand words!


Thank you again, all of you who helped us by supporting us with donations, joining us for breakfast,volunteering to serve meals and more (Kelly Lee for being my cohort),  purchasing a t-shirt, raffle ticket, or bracelet, for helping make bracelets, folding brochures, or even helping building Athen’s booth (Ahem..Papa and Oma).    Thank you to our church for supporting us so much!  Thank you, thank you,  thank you everyone!


Because of your help, these sweet Ukrainian orphans will have help getting what they need!


So proud of my son and his heart for orphans!  Well, his heart for all people really.  He is an amazing kid!  He worked so hard on this and look how it’s paid off.  Wide Awake International, hope it helps!


If you would like to know how you can help, visit Wide Awake International.

Last Day! Hurry! I’m Hosting A Drawing!

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Updated 8/5:  Okay everyone, today is the last and final day to enter the drawing! So hurry and check out how you can get in on the action, details below!

How does a $20 Starbucks, Pete’s Coffee or Target gift card sound? Why am I doing this? As most of you know I have had my blog up and running for a little while now.   Well,  I need more readers and more feedback!   I see that I am getting some readers which is great, but really, I need more regular readers and I really need to HEAR from YOU!   Is everybody really too shy?  Too busy?  Too afraid?  Whats up?  I have no idea, but I would like to know!

Here are the details:

1) Go to my blog between now and 8/5
2) Read, learn, hang around a while!
3) Leave a comment on my blog site (on, not Facebook!) in whatever section or post you  desire. Your comment must have appropriate and valid content.   Aka, please actually read what you’re commenting on.   Please follow the golden rule:  If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.

4) Poof! You’re entered into the drawing!
Want another chance to win a $20 gift card?  Well, here is another shot!   I am having a separate drawing for “sharing” sections of my blog or any of my posts, onto Facebook.  Here are the details:

1) Go to my blog between now and 8/5
2) Read, learn, hang out a bit longer this time?
3) Click the little Facebook  icon on the bottom of any page of my blog and share it among all your Facebook  friends!  Make sure your share is public so when I go to your page, I can see it if we aren’t friends.

4) Be sure to tag me when you share the link so I am notified of your share!  (Message me via my blog if we are not Facebook friends.  I will need your email address, name and Facebook name (so I can go to your page and see your public share).  You cannot be entered if I cannot see your share or who you are!

5) Poof once more! You are now entered into the drawing!

The winners will be announced on 8/6/12 —–VIA FACEBOOK ( as well as email)—–
Two winners, two chances to win!  So easy!!!!  The best part is, you get to choose which gift card you want and I will mail it out to you asap!  Please follow the directions above carefully and know that the drawing is completely random.  One entry per person, per drawing.   Good luck!  God bless!


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