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A Little Reading

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I’d love if you all could read this!

This article explains in a relatively short fashion, some of the major issues with the institutionalization of children. I hope that the world starts to wake up and make changes – big ones!

What happens in these places is nothing short of torture, and it’s real. It’s widespread, and global. It’s thousands, not just a few.

A disturbing fact that is known and mentioned in the article, and mind you, I’ve heard accounts told by adopting parents who witnessed such horrific things, confirming this; These places truly believe that infants and children with disabilities cannot feel pain! That means the frequent broken bones, abuse, neglect, and even medical procedures without anesthetic are all happening with a horrified victim being tortured! Yes, even infants. This is happening.

Sexual abuse and assault is common and becomes “normal” for children living in these places, many of whom are immobile.

The silent halls of full orphanages, are real prisons, with the most innocent inmates.

Pray for them. Pray for those responsible. Pray for change.

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