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Bringing “R” Home

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Introducing the cutest family ever, the Trenda’s.   

Annie is the mama part of this operation and she is amazing!  I know her personally, and not just through Facebook.  She has a heart of gold!  

She has spent so much of her time over the years helping other families who are on their own adoption journey- running auctions, making crafts to sell, she’s also a talented photographer  who has donated photo shoots to families that have recently grown.  

 Perhaps the most special gift Annie has given to each family she comes along side is her taking time out of her busy #momlife, to photograph a family’s homecoming at the airport.  These are very special moments because most times, it’s when grandparents, siblings and other close folks get to meet this/these very special new kiddo(s).  Not only that, the “gotcha” trips can be long and many times a parent will have been away for some time. It’s these moments- the sweet reunion with their other child(ren) who’ve missed mom/dad moments…  The tears and excitement, all the emotions- she captures them.  Beautiful.  Such a priceless gift the family gets to cherish forever.  

Needless to say, Annie and her family are kind of “Big Deal”.  They have played a big role in so many lives.  You just can’t put a price tag on that. 

So, why the heck am I talking about Annie?  

From Annie Trenda – Telling their story: 

 “We met R in December 2013 through a hosting program called Guglielmo’s Hope. Kids come from Ukraine to spend the holiday with a family, to receive dental and vision care, and to learn about America. Our family instantly fell in love with his big smile, his funny personality, and his tender heart. He is an amazing boy who lights up the room when he walks in. We decided then that we would love for him to be a permanent part of our family only to find out that was not an option. We were heartbroken but determined to make sure this sweet boy knew he was loved, even if from half a world away. We have continued to host him over the last several years and we have watched him go from a tiny 9 year old to a preteen with so much confidence! We received the news several months ago that we may begin the process to adopt him and we couldn’t be more thrilled. We are working hard to raise the funds to finally bring our boy home to where he has always belonged ❤️”

So there you have it- they are adopting!  

Please,  Let’s support this family who has so graciously supported so many others.   Visit my page and browse the auction I’ve got going for her at: Heart of the Young 

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