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Do you like money ?

Duh, of course you do! Even though we all hate to admit it.

Do you like jewelry?
Ladies, I know you do.
Come on guys, you can give jewelry to your lady and earn some crazy “points”, am I right?!

What about helping others? Do you like to do that?
Makes you feel good huh?
Yes it does! And it makes our world a better place, when we lend a helping hand.

If your answer is yes to all of these questions, keep reading! If it was no, then my whole blog is really going to annoy you… Cause it’s all about THAT!

My goal? I want everyone who reads this post to enter MY GIVEAWAY! 

Why? To help bless the socks off of three completely amazing causes. Buuuuut, it can’t be done without YOU!

So, to get this party started, I’m offering a flash incentive!  Anyone who donates, and follows the entry instructions on my page, between today Thursday, August 20th and Wednesday, August 26th September 5th at 11:59pm, gets a little something extra!
So for you lucky selects folks,

$5     donation =  1  entry   2 entries!
$8     donation = 3 total entries 6 entries!
$11  donation =   5 entries 10 entries!
$14  donation =   7 entries   14 entries!
$17  donation =   9 entries   18 entries!
$20  donation =   11 entries  22 entries!
$23 = 13 entries  26!
$26 = 15 entries  30!
$29 = 17 entries  34!
$32 = 19 entries  38!
$35 = 21 entries  42!
$38 = 23 entries  46!
$41 = 25 entries  50!
$44 = 27 entries  54!
$47 = 29 entries  58!
$50 = 31 entries  62!
And so on…

Now for the money I mentioned earlier.
The prize is a coooool $150 Visa gift card AND a genuine sterling silver Pandora bracelet!  Total package value is over $250! 



Some examples of what people create with their Pandora bracelets…


It’s completely customizable and fun!

**(winner may choose to opt out of claiming the bracelet as part of the prize if it isn’t desired.)**

Let’s get this party started and earn some double entries!

Thanks for your support!


Maya’s Hope

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What does Maya’s Hope do for kids around the globe? Well, I’ve shared the stories of Joshua and Chesca.  But now I want you too meet a new little girl that Maya met while in the Philippines recently. 

Meet Jennifer. She is 7 years old.

As Maya was out and about, she spotted this sweetheart with her mother and was compelled to go introduce herself and meet Jennifer . She was so moved by her story that she decided on the spot, this kiddo needs to be a Maya’s Hope kid!
Jennifer was a normal 6 year old last year, when suddely her life changed.  She is now completely affected by a huge facial tumor.  As one can guess, her quality of life is no longer very good and she is likely plagued by immense pain.
Not much is known about her condition, but it is abundantly clear she needs medical attention.   Remember, this sweetie was a normal happy kid with no tumor, just a year ago.

Just look at her smiling face…
Jennifer is just a little girl. She likes girly things like play jewelry and pretty sparkles. She likes the same things other little girls her age do, playing and having fun. The hope is that someday she will be able to do all the things she enjoys without other kids teasing her, without pain, without fear.

Consider helping Maya’s Hope and help out a sweet kid, and perhaps a couple of other kiddos too by going here.  Plus, the bonus is that you’ll be entered to win an awesome prize!

Back To The Drawing Board!

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I’m changing it up folks so listen up! 

I realize the $20 entry donation to my giveaway is unappealing… So I’m going to sweeten the deal by quite  a lot.

Remember, it’s all for them and so many more…


I want to pass my goal amount and then some! 

How can we do it? 

Like this:

To enter into the giveaway:
You get ONE free entry by sharing the link to this page on Facebook. (Please tag me in your share so I can record your entry.  Your share must be set to “public”.) 

Your first entry is $5!  Yeah, you read right, not $20, but $5!  

$5 donation  =  1  chance to win

Each additional $3 on top of your $5 initial donation earns you 2 entries!  Must be in $3 increments. 

$5     donation =  1  entry
$8     donation =  3 total entries
$11  donation =   5 entries
$14  donation =   7 entries
$17  donation =   9 entries
$20  donation =   11 entries
And so on…

If everyone who reads this blog post donates, we should be holding the drawing in no time! 

To enter:

#1)  Choose which cause you’d like to donate to, click the link for it below. Donations through this method ARE tax deductible! (Please consider donating to more than one to ensure each gets help):

                  Maya’s Hope


        Hope for the Horton family

#2)  Once you have made your donation, forward your email confirmation to me at: 

#3) Once I receive your email receipt showing how much you donated and to whom, your entries will be added to the drawing. 

#4)  You may also want to  message me via here on my blog, or Facebook letting me know you sent a receipt to my email.  This is just to ensure I received it. 

And come on, the prize is SWEET!   For such a small donation, what do you have to loose? 


And a genuine sterling silver Pandora bracelet worth over $100!


Let’s do this!

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