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My mission is to advocate for orphaned kids around the world who are living in appalling and filthy conditions, who aren’t receiving the medical care they so badly need, who are wasting away neglected and starving, and who desperately need a family to call their own.  I am working to bring about awareness regarding violence and wrongdoing against children worldwide, whether in institutional care or not, and lastly, to strive for change in the systems which choose to treat these children in such an inhumane way.

I need your support to make this successful!  So when you see a post about a child in need, or if even the information you learn on my blog moves you,


 Step out in faith with me and help get these kids’ stories out there.  And please, don’t underestimate the power of prayer!


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  1. Rodney pekarek

    This site of yours is wonderful, very well payed out. You should be proud.

    • Thanks Rod, I appreciate it! Just doing what God asked me to do. A lot of hard work went into this on my part, but I know God has to take it from here.
      So excited to have you as a reader! Don’t forget to subscribe via email!

  2. Linett Fleetwood

    I have been praying for revival among orphanage staff around the world and would like to help however I can.

    • Linett,
      I am going to say exactly what I did for someone else asking this question. I think it is so amazing and wonderful that so many are asking how they can help! God is moving!!! So here it is… I am working on a post to answer this question. First, read my blog, there is sooooo much info on here and it needs to be seen. Then share it. The more awareness we spread the better, power in numbers! And of course, check out my friends who moved to Ukraine to do just that, help. Thank you so much for your willingness!!! 🙂


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