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A Prayer

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Behind bars day and night – the crib is a prison. Only a little longer though… So much hope. But in a place like this, there’s not much else. A building full of small children, but silence is all you can hear. It’s terrifying.

Sedated, afraid, alone, neglected. Rare touch that borders on pain from the roughness – many times it is pain accompanied by terror. Scars tell the awful story. Darker skin brings hate – Roma are automatically hated – being a disabled Roma orphan seals fates. They can be so cruel.

But it’s all that’s ever been known, mixed with rare moments of tenderness and gentleness given by a strange new caregiver or visitor – or when mama came for the first time. Her hugs felt so good, so warm. Safe.

It was new, when they let mama install the slide that’s never been, on the playground that never gets used. Legs that don’t work – didn’t matter because mama held tight and each time, a smile and, “Wheeee!”. Rare joy.

Mama was angry and sad seeing all the skin peeling off, all from neglect. It looks painful. No soothing salve, no help offered. The orphanage is known to be a really terrible place – it is. She would make it all better right now if she could. But she said, a little while longer. She promised she’d be back, and she will be.

This is Eugene’s life – he’s only 3 years old. A baby. His legs are paralyzed and he has hydrocephalus. He is living in a world none of us can imagine. In an orphanage known for its abuses. Known for how much worse the neglect and abuse gets after trip number one.

Kristina is Eugene’s mama- she just returned from trip number one. She’s sick thinking about what he’s enduring right now. She’s been praying, fighting tooth and nail to get to him. She’s worked hard, honest, trying to earn all she needs to get her baby home.

Currently she has been offered a matching grant that has to be met by 12/30/18 to receive! When their FSP reaches $16,002, they’ll receive another $811. It currently sits at $15,483! We aren’t far!


To read more about this family and donate, go here!!!

Please say a prayer for this family. They are amazing, I know them personally. Eugene needs to come home! Thank you!

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