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Here you will find many photos of orphans from all over the world.  These precious babies all live different lives, under different circumstances, and have different stories they could tell.  One thing they all have in common: they are all living their lives barely surviving as unwanted, un-cared-for orphans.

Just look at this sweet face! I don’t see a child that needs fixing. I see promise…

An example of being tied to a potty chair.

Notice how frail the child on the bottom right photo. You can see the baby’s super tiny arms and legs. Makes me sad…

If this little one wants to lay down, she barley fits in this very small and rusty crib.

This is the future these children have to look forward to if they are transferred.

This sweet Romanian boy is tied to his bed rail. Do you notice how his thumb is in his mouth? Sweet baby is just wants some comfort.

This photo RIPS my heart out! This poor child has literally been left to rot and wither. Notice how atrophied this little one’s limbs are. The expression on this sweet child’s face is one of pure agony. Haunting? It should be.


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  1. Thanks for this. I am studying the same things. Going on the same journey from turning away to seeking out….from unknowingness to advocacy. Yes, it hurts. Shouldn’t it??!!!

    God bless you.

    • Jasmine,

      You are studying this sort of thing? That’s great! The more who know about it, the more chance we have for change. I would love to hear more about your story and I of course am here for questions if you have them, so shoot me an email if you like! It’s a tough journey for sure and yes it should hurt. But the hurt should ultimately light a fire, kindling a passion for the cause. I applaud you for not being to afraid to learn, the kids are so worth it! I am still searching for what more I can do as I am sort of at the beginning of this as well. I very much appreciate your taking the time to read and comment. Thanks for your support!

      • Thanks for your reply, Andrea! I may very well be asking questions in the future.

        You are right – the pain of finding out such things go on should not stagnate within us or cause us to shy away from knowledge; it should stir a passion in us to ACT! To do what we can to help these precious little ones who suffer so much.

        We often turn away from the ‘pain’ of knowing…but what is that in comparison to the pain of actually GOING THROUGH such trials?!

        Thanks for your blog…for helping to raise awareness! We sure need to.

      • Jasmine, You are so correct. Too many turn away from the pain of knowing.

        Glad you are enjoying my blog, I appreciate your support!

        Take care!


  2. I have just been directed to your blog…thank you for all you are eyes ache from tears.recently becoming aware of the conditions in orphanages, I am in the early stages of opening a thrift store to financially help families who are adopting, and to improve the conditions of the orphanages..and pray that this will open hearts and eyes of many.. God Bless

    • Debbi,

      So glad to hear what you are doing to help support these precious children! God bless you too! Thank you for your support! It is a tough door to open, I know.

    • I would love to adopt one of these babies. Even if they are older than babies, they are still babies to me. I am 47 yes. old and have raised my 2 kids, my daughter still lives at home because she has diabetes. She loves babies as much as I do. I have done a lot of work with handicapped children in my life and I would love to move to China or any other place to help with these babies but I can’t because of family ties. I don’t have a lot of money but if someone could sponsor me for adoption, I think l could be helpful. My name is Cathy, my daughter is Kelly. We live in NC. Contact me if I can help. God bless you all.

  3. Dear Andrea,

    I am heartbroken reading your blog. How can I help?

    With live in Christ,


    • Hello, I’m so sorry I haven’t gotten back to you, I wasn’t notified of your comment and just saw it! I feel terrible! Thank you for reading my blog! I have not updated much, life keeps me so busy these days.

      Yes, I have some wonderful recommendations that you can help through. That would be fantastic!

      First, Mayas Hope at . I have worked with Maya and she’s amazing! There are voluteer opportunities both in person and virtually. You can also financially support them.

      Another wonderful organization that I have worked with is,
      . There are options to advocate for children and/or families, donate, etc.

      Another fantastic organization to look into are my friends Kim and Jed founders of Wide Awake International
      . Many opportunities there as well and they did amazing work!

      I encourage you to check them all out! Take care!

  4. Kasidy Cunningham

    this is a great thing to be learning about!!! I don’t know if Insane Asylums are still a thing but these children young and old should be loved.


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