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A Horrible Place & Hope

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This sweet little nugget is just 3 years old. He can’t walk, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t aware of what his life looks like.

The orphanage has a reputation, a bad one. Small children fill the building but it’s silent halls would never give up that secret. Bruises, sedation, loneliness… It’s all these children know.

But there’s hope for one. He has a mom working very hard to bring him home. She is walking one foot in front of the other on sheer faith because she saw his face and she can’t walk away, she cannot leave him to suffer.

Without adoption he will be transferred to an adult mental facility, just because he can’t walk. Can you imagine how scary a place like that might be for a small immobile child? Between age 4 and 6 is when he’ll go. For most children with special needs, it’s a death sentence.

Alone, subjected to abuse and torment from other, bigger mentally handicapped patients and even the staff. Children in this situation do not do well. Many die.

So I decided to help where I could.

I’m running an auction! I’ve done many over the years as you’ve seen and have helped to raise over $18,000 for adopting families. You can help by bidding! I have tons of items and lots more to add!

Giveaway closed

I’m running a giveaway too!

The next 25 bids on ITEMS WITHOUT BIDS already, will be entered to win FREE SHIPPING on your entire order at the end of the auction!

40 bids – I’ll draw another winner for free shipping!

60 bids – I’ll draw THREE MORE WINNERS!
One will win FREE SHIPPING!
One will win a set of 3 Etee reusable organic food wraps!
One will win the mini cutting board with kitchenaid curved knife and chocolate!

I will assign a number to each bid as they come in and use those to randomly draw via random or excell.

Auction ALBUM link here!

My page link

Bid for sweet little Eugene! Tell your friends!

*US shipments only! If outside the US you will will win up to $15 in shipping credit. You are eligible for the other prizes as well.


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