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Keurig Giveaway! Hurry, It Closes 7/20!

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My previous two posts pertain to a precious family and a very special little three year old boy who lays in a crib day in and day out, no snuggles, no real play time, knowing only loneliness.

He’s waiting to meet his mama for the first time. He doesn’t know her yet, but her love for him is so powerful, so true, she’d do anything and everything to get to him. She’s worked so hard, EARNING the funds necessary to get to him. Many times when God calls us to move, we are not sure how things will come together, but we pray, we trust, we put one foot in front of the other.

He makes a way.

This mama has worked her tail off. But there’s still so much need. That’s where the giveaway comes in!

The massive Facebook auction I’m hosting, which can be found HERE and HERE, is coming to a close on July 20th at 10pm PST. There’s over 560 items up for bid and still SOOOOO much without bids yet! Amazing items too! From luxury skincare serum and the famed magnetic mask!

To vintage 80’s and 90’s still sealed in the box Barbies and huge GI Joe doll!

Kids items, toys, shoes like Plae and Bobux, accessories and custom jewelry, tons of Lularoe and more!

So how about a BIG GIVEAWAY!

From now until the auction closes, every new bid on an item that does NOT already have bid placed on it yet, will gain an entry to win a new Keurig k200 coffee brewer! It currently sells on Amazon at the discounted price of $100!

We must get to at least 80 new bids to draw a winner at the end of the auction.

AND… If we get up to 120 bids on items that don’t already have bids, I’ll then open it up to all bids on ANYTHING to gain an entry! That means every bid up gets an entry!

AND… I’ll also be drawing a winner for a box of gourmet Quinn Candy at the end of the auction!

Shipping of prize is FREE FREE FREE if inside contiguous 48 U.S. states. Which is a $45+ value on its own! Winner must pay 60% shipping cost if located outside the 48. Winner must pay for any auction winnings prior to prize being mailed. All payments will be made via PayPal to the address I provide, no exceptions.

The auction will close Friday July 20th @ 10 pm PST. Bids with a time stamp of 10:01pm or after will be invalid.

Facebook Auction Album #1

Facebook Auction ALBUM #2

Share this with your friends and help us get the word out! If you decide to bid, you must read the rules which is shown as the first photo in each album, very easy. I promise, it’s just a moment of your time to ensure we are all on the same page, and I have what I need for end of auction. Thank you all!

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