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The Posts in this section are pertaining to situations in desperate need of all you prayer warriors out there. I will do my best to post updates here as well. Thank you friends!

A Little Reading

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I’d love if you all could read this!

This article explains in a relatively short fashion, some of the major issues with the institutionalization of children. I hope that the world starts to wake up and make changes – big ones!

What happens in these places is nothing short of torture, and it’s real. It’s widespread, and global. It’s thousands, not just a few.

A disturbing fact that is known and mentioned in the article, and mind you, I’ve heard accounts told by adopting parents who witnessed such horrific things, confirming this; These places truly believe that infants and children with disabilities cannot feel pain! That means the frequent broken bones, abuse, neglect, and even medical procedures without anesthetic are all happening with a horrified victim being tortured! Yes, even infants. This is happening.

Sexual abuse and assault is common and becomes “normal” for children living in these places, many of whom are immobile.

The silent halls of full orphanages, are real prisons, with the most innocent inmates.

Pray for them. Pray for those responsible. Pray for change.


A Prayer

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Behind bars day and night – the crib is a prison. Only a little longer though… So much hope. But in a place like this, there’s not much else. A building full of small children, but silence is all you can hear. It’s terrifying.

Sedated, afraid, alone, neglected. Rare touch that borders on pain from the roughness – many times it is pain accompanied by terror. Scars tell the awful story. Darker skin brings hate – Roma are automatically hated – being a disabled Roma orphan seals fates. They can be so cruel.

But it’s all that’s ever been known, mixed with rare moments of tenderness and gentleness given by a strange new caregiver or visitor – or when mama came for the first time. Her hugs felt so good, so warm. Safe.

It was new, when they let mama install the slide that’s never been, on the playground that never gets used. Legs that don’t work – didn’t matter because mama held tight and each time, a smile and, “Wheeee!”. Rare joy.

Mama was angry and sad seeing all the skin peeling off, all from neglect. It looks painful. No soothing salve, no help offered. The orphanage is known to be a really terrible place – it is. She would make it all better right now if she could. But she said, a little while longer. She promised she’d be back, and she will be.

This is Eugene’s life – he’s only 3 years old. A baby. His legs are paralyzed and he has hydrocephalus. He is living in a world none of us can imagine. In an orphanage known for its abuses. Known for how much worse the neglect and abuse gets after trip number one.

Kristina is Eugene’s mama- she just returned from trip number one. She’s sick thinking about what he’s enduring right now. She’s been praying, fighting tooth and nail to get to him. She’s worked hard, honest, trying to earn all she needs to get her baby home.

Currently she has been offered a matching grant that has to be met by 12/30/18 to receive! When their FSP reaches $16,002, they’ll receive another $811. It currently sits at $15,483! We aren’t far!


To read more about this family and donate, go here!!!

Please say a prayer for this family. They are amazing, I know them personally. Eugene needs to come home! Thank you!

Keurig Giveaway! Hurry, It Closes 7/20!

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My previous two posts pertain to a precious family and a very special little three year old boy who lays in a crib day in and day out, no snuggles, no real play time, knowing only loneliness.

He’s waiting to meet his mama for the first time. He doesn’t know her yet, but her love for him is so powerful, so true, she’d do anything and everything to get to him. She’s worked so hard, EARNING the funds necessary to get to him. Many times when God calls us to move, we are not sure how things will come together, but we pray, we trust, we put one foot in front of the other.

He makes a way.

This mama has worked her tail off. But there’s still so much need. That’s where the giveaway comes in!

The massive Facebook auction I’m hosting, which can be found HERE and HERE, is coming to a close on July 20th at 10pm PST. There’s over 560 items up for bid and still SOOOOO much without bids yet! Amazing items too! From luxury skincare serum and the famed magnetic mask!

To vintage 80’s and 90’s still sealed in the box Barbies and huge GI Joe doll!

Kids items, toys, shoes like Plae and Bobux, accessories and custom jewelry, tons of Lularoe and more!

So how about a BIG GIVEAWAY!

From now until the auction closes, every new bid on an item that does NOT already have bid placed on it yet, will gain an entry to win a new Keurig k200 coffee brewer! It currently sells on Amazon at the discounted price of $100!

We must get to at least 80 new bids to draw a winner at the end of the auction.

AND… If we get up to 120 bids on items that don’t already have bids, I’ll then open it up to all bids on ANYTHING to gain an entry! That means every bid up gets an entry!

AND… I’ll also be drawing a winner for a box of gourmet Quinn Candy at the end of the auction!

Shipping of prize is FREE FREE FREE if inside contiguous 48 U.S. states. Which is a $45+ value on its own! Winner must pay 60% shipping cost if located outside the 48. Winner must pay for any auction winnings prior to prize being mailed. All payments will be made via PayPal to the address I provide, no exceptions.

The auction will close Friday July 20th @ 10 pm PST. Bids with a time stamp of 10:01pm or after will be invalid.

Facebook Auction Album #1

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Share this with your friends and help us get the word out! If you decide to bid, you must read the rules which is shown as the first photo in each album, very easy. I promise, it’s just a moment of your time to ensure we are all on the same page, and I have what I need for end of auction. Thank you all!

Massive Auction!

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Just over 500 items in this massive auction I’m running for the McAuliffe family! If you haven’t read about little Eugene in my previous post you can read about here.

To bid on the many amazing items, see the links below!

Album #1


Here are just a few items up for bid!

A Horrible Place & Hope

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This sweet little nugget is just 3 years old. He can’t walk, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t aware of what his life looks like.

The orphanage has a reputation, a bad one. Small children fill the building but it’s silent halls would never give up that secret. Bruises, sedation, loneliness… It’s all these children know.

But there’s hope for one. He has a mom working very hard to bring him home. She is walking one foot in front of the other on sheer faith because she saw his face and she can’t walk away, she cannot leave him to suffer.

Without adoption he will be transferred to an adult mental facility, just because he can’t walk. Can you imagine how scary a place like that might be for a small immobile child? Between age 4 and 6 is when he’ll go. For most children with special needs, it’s a death sentence.

Alone, subjected to abuse and torment from other, bigger mentally handicapped patients and even the staff. Children in this situation do not do well. Many die.

So I decided to help where I could.

I’m running an auction! I’ve done many over the years as you’ve seen and have helped to raise over $18,000 for adopting families. You can help by bidding! I have tons of items and lots more to add!

Giveaway closed

I’m running a giveaway too!

The next 25 bids on ITEMS WITHOUT BIDS already, will be entered to win FREE SHIPPING on your entire order at the end of the auction!

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I will assign a number to each bid as they come in and use those to randomly draw via random or excell.

Auction ALBUM link here!

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Bid for sweet little Eugene! Tell your friends!

*US shipments only! If outside the US you will will win up to $15 in shipping credit. You are eligible for the other prizes as well.

The Difference

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Ever noticed how people avoid others who are “different”? Yeah, I know I’m a big fan of this topic lately. Humor me!

They look away, pretend they didn’t see, yank their child away by the arm and say, “we don’t stare”. It teaches children to avoid those who look different. That’s no bueno. It’s horrifying when you really think about it isn’t it?

We pass along from generation to generation to avoid those who are differently-abled. But why? What are we afraid of?

I’ll tell you, it starts young. “Kids are cruel”, we’ve all heard that. But where do they learn it? Is it preprogrammed in – to shy away? Is it learned from others? Perhaps it’s a bit of both.

Society STILL says that being differently-abled is something to avoid. Guys, it’s 2018 here – CAN WE STOP? Can we correct our children when we see them shy away? Can we teach them to think to themselves, “Hey, I’m not going to stare because that IS rude. I’m going to go introduce myself and make a friend”.

We should be giving our kids the proper tools so that when they choose to play with a child on the playground, they learn how to teach as well – to those peers who might say, “why are you playing with THAT kid?” Guide them on how to bridge that gap so that it’s not just the adults doing the teaching, but children teaching each other how to embrace those differences and focus on caring about the person. This goes for so many more areas of life -there’s too much hate and judgement in the world! Love and acceptance! You with me?

Like our friend Kim-Lan. She’s one amazing lady – she’s a mother, a wife, she’s incredibly intelligent, she’s funny, uh and the obvious – Super gorgeous! She also happens to be differently-abled and a major chain breaker. Which you can read about it here. Looks like we’re both people and have lots in common. Hmmm? Interesting. Okay, you’ll see my point if you keep reading.

We should be teaching our children to see the person, and embrace the difference.

Arm them with knowledge! I for one, want my children to know that it doesn’t matter what others (could) say if they befriend someone that might otherwise be treated differently because of their difference. I’m going to be a broken record here, we’re all different.

When my oldest was little, I tried. We had an ongoing dialogue for years about such things. You see I wanted him to be a chain breaker. I wanted him to not be held back by social stigmas, and bridge the gap. Yup, there it is again…

We watched a lot of shows, documentaries, read books and had many talks about differences. We talked about how special those differences are and how boring it would be if we were all the same. We made friends with many “strangers” over the years. No, not the dangerous kind.

And as I watched him grow up I wondered if what I’d taught him stuck. All the documentaries, all the discussions preparing him for when “it” would happen. Then, “it” did!

As I sat on the playground with him and saw another boy, avoided by ALL the other children, because he walked “weird” (some kid said) and talked like a “loud baby” (said another). I looked at my son, who’s friends had run away, and watched as he walked up to the boy and asked if he’d like to play. I felt bad because as this beautiful thing was happening, the boys grandmother jumped over to me and began profusely excusing and explaining her grandsons “issues” and how he was cognitively much younger than he looked, etc. Almost saying, “He’s contagious -his disability. Are you sure you want your son paying with him? He could catch it!”

This broke my heart. You see she had been conditioned by society to be ashamed of her grandbaby. To “excuse” him for being differently-abled.

Those boys played and laughed, and my son loved every second of it. He did not care when his other friends teased him about his new friend. He responded with, “Well, you’re missing out” And ignored them.

You see, I also taught my son that we don’t feed bullies, figuratively speaking, and we don’t want unkind friends. He knew that if those friends gave him hard time and were mean to him about playing with his new friend, that those were not friends he wanted in his life.

At 9 years old that’s pretty profound.

Meet Joseph.

This awesome young man likes to swim, play, do martial arts and loves to help his mom out around the house. Okay, like a superhero helper from what his mama says!

He is has facial paralysis and was blessed with very special arms. He loves helping with chores, riding horses, and doing head stands! He’s a person, unique and dynamic like we all are. He enjoys many things, feels feelings, and bleeds the same red blood as you or I. He has hopes and dreams, fears, and he’s a beloved member of his family. He’s just a downright amazing kiddo. That sounds like we’re pretty similar right?

It’s not as scary as you think – opening a dialogue. Kids are much more accepting of others if YOU as the parent/teacher speak about others with love and positivity. It’s not “shocking” if you don’t make it shocking. If you act normal about it, they’ll see it that way. BECAUSE IT IS NORMAL!

They may be inquisitive, a little “wow”… But let’s help it to be a “wow neat”, not a “wow yikes”.

This is my sweet little friend Guyana.

She’s 6 years old and she’s a spitfire who will steal your heart in 1.2 seconds flat! She is differently abled and proud. She’s everyone’s little mama as you can see – she figured I needed help feeding myself which hey, I have three kids, I’m tired, of course you can feed me! Haha! She doesn’t let the fact that she can’t walk stop her, she climbs and scoots like nobody’s business. She’s got a lot to say in the tiniest voice you’ve ever heard, and she’s one smart cookie! Perhaps the most amazing thing about this little treasure is her spirit – always smiling and oozing inner strength.

Fast forward. My son is almost 18. I couldn’t be more proud. His compassion for others, the way he treats people, incredible. It started with one mom who wanted her son to live and love with arms wide open.

My point? Different isn’t and shouldn’t be scary. In fact I’ll let you in on an even bigger secret… PEOPLE ARE JUST PEOPLE! We are all extremely unique, yet we are the same. Teach it! BE a chain breaker! This world is so full of hate and prejudice, we have to change it. We have to be the ones who choose better. Pass it on.

As always, thank you for reading! Don’t forget to like/follow!

Say “Thank You”!

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Thank you. When you hear those words, one thinks of it as a positive thing. Maybe someone gave a gift, provided assistance, a courteous gesture, or paid someone a nice compliment. Thank you is associated with goodness and gratitude.

It might surprise some to hear that “thank you” can be used as a shield for some negative things. In fact, it’s an extremely valuable tool. How?

I teach my kids that when someone says something mean, look right at them, smile a really obnoxiously authentic smile, say a really enthusiastic “THANK YOU!”, and walk away. If someone on the playground says, “You can’t play with us!”, smile and say an enthusiastic, “okay, thanks!”, walk away and find something else to do. We don’t need unkind people as friends. Pray for them, don’t play with them.

If they still get their little hearts broken and need some support have them hug it out when they come home. Tell them to go take a breath somewhere else, talk to a friend, teacher or go talk to the school counselor if needed to vent. When it comes to bullies, tears are fuel.

It’s really important that we don’t teach kids to bottle up their feelings which can have a whole mess of consequences. Openness is of huge importance here.

When my son was little, there were so many tears. Kids that didn’t want him to play with them, someone saying mean things… Once I taught him “thank you”, and he tried it, AND IT WORKED – he gained a new confidence. No more tears. He was so happy and free from the hurt of those things. He no longer worried what would happen if he was rejected, he no longer cared if someone teased him. It was a marvelous thing.

Unfortunately much of our world is not kind and we need to show bullies their games don’t work! Let’s teach our kids to say “thank you”.

If you ever find yourself on the flip side of this, and discover your child has done the bullying. Yes, your sweet little one is human after all. Trying to fit in and find his/her way in the social world. What to do?

You can start by create a never-ending dialog. Constantly ask them what kind of person they want to be in life and always remind them who God created them to be. Find out how they’d feel in someone else’s position if they were being made fun of. Talk, talk, talk and every time there’s a teaching moment – take it!

Parenting isn’t easy, life isn’t easy, but we can do our best to teach and model love, tolerance, respect, kindness and strength. GO FORTH AND SAY THANK YOU!

Check out this little kiddos story which inspired my post today.

And the Winner Is…

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You guys are constantly amazing me with your outpouring of support.  $1,831 was raised for the Adair family!  Seriously, blown away, every time.  Thank you!

We had a bit of unfinished business to take care of – the Nintendo 3DS XL drawing!


Aura Lee

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This sweet child is Aura Lee.

She lived in an orphanage for the first 6 years of her life.  Lonely perhaps, neglected – probably, but her most basic needs are met.

She’s a beautiful child.

 Then the day came.  The awful, inevitable day of transfer.  For many children this is a death sentence – that’s the horrible truth so many kids face.   She was transferred to an adult mental institution.  This is her shortly after transfer.   

7 years old and tiny as a toddler.  Starved.  Restrained. Vulnerable. 

Little Aura Lee just had her 8th birthday.  Life for her is not life at all.  Now, she’s literally hanging on by a thread.  If you watch the video below carefully, you can see her collar bone protruding and bruises.  

Click to watch – Video of Aura Lee

The good news is she has an incredible family fighting to get her out and bring her home.  The bad part is the harsh reality little Aura Lee may not survive long enough.  This family is in a big hurry!  They are doing everything they can but they can’t do it alone.    Please check out their bio to lean more about their journey and consider how you can help this little girl survive.   Pray, donate, share?  Heck, reach out to the family and ask how you can support them!  I want to see this sweetheart come home. I want to meet her someday since she’ll be so close to me!  I want to see her survive and thrive!

Another One?

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“Another one?  Not another annoying auction post, I’m so tired of those.”

“Another fundraiser?”

“Another blurb talking about yet another family that needs help?”

“Is she really trying to tell me again about “the children”?”

“Keep scrolling, don’t comment, don’t click “like”, pretend you didn’t see it.”

“Never ask her about what she does, and don’t try to engage her – she might bring it up!”

“The stuff she says or writes about can’t be true anyway so who cares.”

“It’s too sad, I don’t want to know.”

“Omg, if I have to read the words “orphans” or “foster care” or “child abuse” one more time!”  

“Seriously, another obnoxious post about orphans – I’m so tired of seeing these.” (clicks unfollow) 

Yes, these are all realities in my world friends. 

For me it’s, another uncomfortable conversation ending with a canned “oh that’s nice” and a quick subject change.

Another friend who choose to unfriend/unfollow me because of my “agenda”- and another, and another.

Yes, I very much understand how uncomfortable and heavy this subject is.  I understand that for many it’s almost too much to bear. So it seems easier to look the other way and try to forget. 

I understand that you might not be sure how you should react when you learn about what I do.

I get it, I do.  But at the very least, try to understand why I do this.  Why I care about helping families, who are stepping out in faith, and helping them fund their adoptions.  Why I advocate for the orphans, the abused, the forgotten, the at risk.

Look this precious child.  The eerie similarity to a holocaust victim is chilling.  This is a child, living and breathing.  Starved and bedridden, barely touched or moved so her body is stuck and atrophied.  Her caregivers would say it’s her condition that makes her look this way, unwilling to admit it’s cause is purely neglect.  

And what about 10 year old, S?

Left laying in a bed for his entire life, body growing into the twisted emmaciated frame you see here.  The size of a toddler. 

 Pure neglect and abuse.  Yet he smiles with the roughest most unfeeling touch because it’s all he can get.  
Click to see a video of little “S”.  The transformation that I’ve personally seen in children like this is astounding!  Love and nourishment can do so much.

Remember Hope?  I advocated for her family a while back.  Just wait for the update on her!  She’s amazing!

If you’re still with me here, thank you- for at least trying to understand. This isn’t about an “agenda”, it’s about lives.

What these kids endure is unimaginable.  For the most innocent treasures to be treated so terribly is a travesty.  It just simply should not be.  But it is reality.

Please check out the links below for more information.

The Gagnon family


Orphanage and foster care realities:


A little translation to assist in your reading of this:  Teacher = caregiver & care homes = orphanage.


Missing children 


The truth about institutions

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