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No big post today. I just have a question for my readers.

What did you think of the documentary in my post Abandoned?

I just want to know if it hit you all as hard as it hit me.  How did it make you feel?  What were your thoughts?

If you haven’t yet watched each segment, please take some time to do so.   The story of these children is one which needs to be heard and seen.   Once you have watched it, I would love to know your thoughts.    You can click on the word “Abandoned” above to go to the page where you will find the video links.

Thanks, friends!

Hope to hear from some of you soon!


Last Day! Hurry! I’m Hosting A Drawing!

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Updated 8/5:  Okay everyone, today is the last and final day to enter the drawing! So hurry and check out how you can get in on the action, details below!

How does a $20 Starbucks, Pete’s Coffee or Target gift card sound? Why am I doing this? As most of you know I have had my blog up and running for a little while now.   Well,  I need more readers and more feedback!   I see that I am getting some readers which is great, but really, I need more regular readers and I really need to HEAR from YOU!   Is everybody really too shy?  Too busy?  Too afraid?  Whats up?  I have no idea, but I would like to know!

Here are the details:

1) Go to my blog between now and 8/5
2) Read, learn, hang around a while!
3) Leave a comment on my blog site (on, not Facebook!) in whatever section or post you  desire. Your comment must have appropriate and valid content.   Aka, please actually read what you’re commenting on.   Please follow the golden rule:  If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.

4) Poof! You’re entered into the drawing!
Want another chance to win a $20 gift card?  Well, here is another shot!   I am having a separate drawing for “sharing” sections of my blog or any of my posts, onto Facebook.  Here are the details:

1) Go to my blog between now and 8/5
2) Read, learn, hang out a bit longer this time?
3) Click the little Facebook  icon on the bottom of any page of my blog and share it among all your Facebook  friends!  Make sure your share is public so when I go to your page, I can see it if we aren’t friends.

4) Be sure to tag me when you share the link so I am notified of your share!  (Message me via my blog if we are not Facebook friends.  I will need your email address, name and Facebook name (so I can go to your page and see your public share).  You cannot be entered if I cannot see your share or who you are!

5) Poof once more! You are now entered into the drawing!

The winners will be announced on 8/6/12 —–VIA FACEBOOK ( as well as email)—–
Two winners, two chances to win!  So easy!!!!  The best part is, you get to choose which gift card you want and I will mail it out to you asap!  Please follow the directions above carefully and know that the drawing is completely random.  One entry per person, per drawing.   Good luck!  God bless!



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Hello All!


I hope you all had a great holiday!


First off I want to say thank you to the many people who have been reading this blog! I am flabbergasted at the number of readers I have seen thus far!  I am so excited about this and hope you will continue to stop in and hang out a while!  I haven’t been getting much feedback, which is fine, however I would love to know your thoughts so please consider it.  Thank you!

With that said,  Today, is not a heavy post kind of day.  It’s an inspirational kind of day!

My Pastor recently said this, and I thought it was beautifully put.  (This isn’t word for word, I got it about 99% close!)


“Out of  our brokenness comes wholeness which becomes blessing in our life.  What He calls us to do as a church, as a people, caring for the needs of others demonstrating the gospel, doing His work in this world, which is impossible to do without a miracle.  The world is so bad and so dark.  Its’ going to take a miracle to turn it all around.  But the miracle has happened and the miracle is happening.” 

“If you just go, and you take what you have in your hands and you just go and start passing out the bread, and you start doing.   Then He begins to work miraculously through us.  We may feel inadequate but that’s what qualifies us.”

 “Sometimes as a church we look, and we feel overwhelmed because the needs are great and the obstacles are huge.  How can we make a difference in this situation?  But Jesus already knows what he is going to do.  It’s going to take a miracle but its going to start with people like us saying “I’m willing take what’s in my hands and give it to Jesus.”  And when we give it to Him and He puts it back in our hands… start telling, start spreading, start serving, start doing whatever it is He is calling us to do.”

“You Just watch how He miraculously begins to multiply and work through that.  Something very natural in our efforts becomes very supernatural in its impact. Because Jesus is at work redeeming, restoring and rebuilding.  It’s what His kingdom is all about.  One day His kingdom will come in all of it’s fullness.  But today, we can live in his kingdom here.”


Wow folks, he is so right!  If you open your heart, mind, and soul up to what His will is for your life, He can do amazing things through you!  This message was given at church when I was still in the mode of trying to figure out what God was asking me to do.  I know that this message was one that started to drive things home for me.   It let me know that God was telling me that yes, I am only one person.  But I can still do so much if I give it to Him first.  If I trust and follow.

Can you imagine what He can do in your life if you ask, listen, and trust?  Food for thought!


Anyway, to end this light post, I have some photos from our family outing yesterday.  We went to Mt. Saint Helens.  It was so amazing! The photos don’t do it justice!



Me and the kidlets


Little Ari





Athen, The man of many faces



The fam

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