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Pondering Our Freedom On This 4th Of July

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Happy 4th everyone!

All of America is celebrating today.  Celebrating freedom.  Celebrating independence.  But while so many are out grilling burgers and setting off fireworks, I can’t help but think of those who have no freedom.  Those precious children have no voice and aren’t heard.  These sweet little forgotten lives are stuck in the confines of a crib or tied to a bed rail.

24 hours a day, 7 days a week they lay in the same crib, in the same room, in the same prison.  They have never eaten a juicy burger or seen an awe inspiring fireworks display.   They, the children who have been tossed aside for their so called “imperfections”, are just waiting for their lives to begin, waiting for a chance, and waiting for a Mom andDad.  This is where my heart is today: the orphans who are stuck in institutions all across the globe.  Their lives are withering away as each day passes.

So today, friends, I invite you to help me help these kids!  Please read each of their stories below and spread the word.  We need to help their future moms and dads to see their precious faces before it’s too late for them.  It’s a sad day when a child’s file is returned to their country listed as unadoptable for the rest of their lives.


Precious Porter is a boy (despite the pink) who has been waiting a very long time for his family to find him.  He has been TRANSFERRED to an institution that has a very bad reputation.  He is suffering in a sea of  “lost boys”.  The link below takes you to Porter’s listing.

The article below is written by a wonderful adoptive Mom who has been to the institution Porter has been sent to.  Click below to read her account of what a terrible place Porter’s new home is.


 Heath has already been TRANSFERRED to an institution!  The facility in which he lives houses many boys and he is one of the lucky few (like 3) who are available for adoption at all.  Heath is now called a “lost boy”, for the very reason that his file will most likely be returned to his country at any time and he will become un-adoptable.   Heath was born in 2001, so you can see how long he has been waiting and hoping for a family.  We know he is a tiny guy for his age, which is most likely due to the lack of nutrition.  He lives in the same institution that Porter (above) is at.  Please take some time to read about Heath’s institute.  This sweet boy could thrive in a family who loves him, all he needs is a chance.

To learn more about Heath, click the link below:

Below is the testimony of those who met Heath at his institute.





This picture speaks for itself!  What a precious girl this is.  Look at those eyes!
Sweet Gemma has down syndrome and she has already been TRANSFERRED to a mental institution!  If you have read my site, you know that over 90% of down syndrome kids die within the first year of transfer!  Oh my goodness, she is in desperate need of rescue!  You can read more about Gemma here:


Sweet Sergey is such a darling little guy!  What a sweet face!  His orphanage is one of the poorer ones, with very little outside aid which means these kids have little chance for a decent life while there.    All of the children are tiny and malnourished.  Children in Sergey’s orphanage are transferred to the mental institution at 4 years old.  So for him, there is a desperate need.  Let’s help him find his family before he ends up spending the rest of his life in the confines of a crib, slowly dying.  Sergey has over $5,000 in grant money towards his adoption!


Little Katie is such a doll!  What a smile!  She was born in 2005 and like the others, she has been waiting way too long for a family of her own.   She is very smart and has so much to offer.  Katie was born with down syndrome, but please know that children with this challenge are known to be incredible blessings to their family.  They are amazing kids!  Check out her listing and help get her story out there!

Thanks everyone!   Now lets circulate!  Oh, and PRAY PRAY PRAY for these little ones families to find them, soon!


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