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Today, I was really planning on writing about something new and compelling.  Something that might “grab” a reader’s attention.   But I realized that what I truly wanted to write about should be complelling on it’s own.   I shouldn’t even need to include words in this post.  Why?

Well because…

Shouldn’t this sweet face tell it all?  This is Ivey,  She cannot tell you how she feels.  She cannot describe to us the pain she feels, how lonely she is, how scared she might be or how very long ago she lost hope of having a family of her own.  She only sits in a dark and scary mental institution slowly fading away, utterly forgotten.  She is only 5 years old and has already suffered so much.  Shouldn’t her face be enough so that words aren’t needed?  (click on her name to learn more about her)

If you have not read about The Life Of An Orphan, please, I beg you to go and read it now!  We have no idea in the world as to how greatly these children suffer until we try to step into their torturous reality for a moment.  I realize that we cannot teleport ourselves to where they are at this very moment in order to do that,  so the best I can offer is this story which I have written.    Please read it before you decide to just scroll past this post.

Do it for them…

                                               (click on a name to learn more about them)












And please do not forget about the kids I have already listed who still wait.  All but two of these children have been transferred to an institution!  Please pray, please share, please do not be afraid to help these little ones…


Heath has a grant of over $9,000 towards his adoption!  Please continue to pass it on!

Heath has already been TRANSFERRED to an institution!  The facility in which he lives houses many boys, and he is one of the lucky few (like 3) who are available for adoption at all.  Heath is now called a “lost boy” for the very reason that his file will most likely be returned to his country at any time, and he will no longer be adoptable.   Heath was born in 2001, so you can see how long he has been waiting and hoping for a family.  We know he is a tiny guy for his age, which is most likely due to the lack of nutrition.  He lives in the same institution as Porter (above).  Please take some time to read about Heath’s institute.  This sweet boy could thrive in a family who loves him, all he needs is a chance.

To learn more about Heath, click the link below:

Below is the testimony of those who met Heath at his institute.




This picture speaks for itself!  What a precious girl this is.  Look at those eyes!
Sweet Gemma has down syndrome and she has already been TRANSFERRED to a mental institution!  If you have read my site, you know that over 90% of down syndrome kids die within the first year of transfer!  Oh my goodness, she is in desperate need of rescue!  You can read more about Gemma here:




Sweet Sergey is such a darling little guy!  What a sweet face!  His orphanage is one of the poorer ones with very little outside aid, which means these kids have little chance for a decent life while there.    All of the children are tiny and malnourished.  Children in Sergey’s orphanage are transferred to the mental institution at 4 years old For him there is a desperate need.  Let’s help him find his family before he ends up spending the rest of his life in the confines of a crib, slowly dying.   Sergey has a grant of over $5,000 towards his adoption!  Please continue to pass it on!




Little Katie is such a doll!  What a smile!  She was born in 2005 and like the others, she has been waiting way too long for a family of her own.   She is very smart and has so much to offer.  Katie was born with down syndrome, but please know that children with this challenge are known to be incredible blessings to their family.  They are amazing kids!  Check out her listing and help get her story out there!


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  1. Did I tell ever tell you what happened before Logan was born? When your pregnant and have all the tests done to find out if your baby is okay… I did opt to have the down syndrome test done. I wasn’t going too.. but we decided we wanted to be prepared if it were the case. I knew it wouldn’t change anything but I still wanted to know. After much prayer and time with God before the test I realized I could do it… to the point I actually wanted to have a child with down syndrome (well not really, but you know what I mean). I knew that I could love a child just as much if my child was special needs. While I was thankful that my child was healthy I still had a longing for that. I actually have ever since.
    When I see a child that has down syndrome my heart pulls with compassion. I want to scoop them up and love them forever.
    I was walking with a friend of mine (not saying who) and they are afraid of kids that have down syndrome to the point that they have to RUN by them.. They had a bad experience earlier in their life and it has stuck with them. It broke my heart… They actually said to me, “i don’t like kids with down syndrome, they freak me out”…. My heart broke and I couldn’t stop thinking about it…
    What if we adopted a baby with down syndrome, would they hate us too? It has crossed my mind of what would people think if we adopted a baby with special needs such as down syndrome.. would people think we had too much on on our plate.. I have to pray about weather or not now is the time because of everything going on.. but I do know it is something I would like to do!

    • Wow, no you never told me! I feel the same as you do, that overwhelming love for all kids especially those with disabilities. I understand having the testing done so that one can prepare. I do not understand though, how and why so many children in the world are literally thrown away via abortion or abandonment for being special needs? It rips my heart out. I cannot imagine how hard it must be for some who feel they cannot care for them and chose to give them up instead, thinking they will have a better life. They do not know the sad reality that the kids most often face, a life of neglect and pain.
      My heart hurts for your friend who is afraid of children who are disabled. Unfortunately, there is a large percentage of people just like her in the world. In reality, they are just afraid of someone that is different than they are. Many people are unaware of how to behave towards someone who has down syndrome, etc, so they react badly. I remember hearing a story about a mother who had a newborn with down syndrome who was waiting in the doctors office waiting room. A woman stopped by her to take a peek at the little sweet pea. When the mother mentioned she had down syndrome, the woman looked at the baby like she was looking at a gremlin and began to shy away. I couldn’t believe what I was reading! I am shocked that anyone would react that way, towards anyone but especially a baby?!
      If adopting a special needs child is on your heart, do not let the “what will people think” discourage you. God can move mountains my dear! What should you do if anyone shuns you for loving a special child who needs a family? Well, I am not so sure that you could do anything for that person aside from praying hard for their eyes to be opened.

      Thanks for reading! Check back to read future posts or follow my blog.


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