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Today’s post is a direct follow up to my previous post about Owen.  If you have not read it you can go here to catch up!  If you have never heard of Owen, please go to my very first post about him here.

You all know my heart has been on the many children of the world who are either orphaned, aborted, abandoned or abused.  For a long time, and even now, I still wonder how in the world I am going to be able to help or make a difference?  I just keep praying, and unfortunately I must be patient for the answers I seek.   Sometimes it’s hard to keep blogging because the enemy sometimes whispers into my ear that no one cares and no one is listening.  But then, I get that feeling that I can’t simply just give up on them can I?  I mean, I have waited many years to hear God tell me what in the heck I am supposed to do with my life?  What am I called to do?  What is my purpose?

Well, I do know that one of the answers is that I am meant to be a mother, that I KNOW I am called to do.  But why do you suppose that is?   Why has God given me such an incredible love for children?   The answer to that is all over this website!  I know that I have a TON of content on here in the numerous sections.  I know that it takes a hundred years to read through all of it, especially that pesky Research section.  But something I don’t know is, has my site done any good?  Has my hard work helped open any eyes?  Has it caused just one child to be helped?   Ugh, I wished I knew!!!

With all my questions, doubts and fears, that terrible feeling of wanting to give up creeps back in.  But then I see a sweet and familiar face in my mind, like this one…

Sweet baby Owen


Toddler Owen

And then I think to myself, “HECK NO I CAN’T QUIT!”  What would happen to Owen?  Do you see a sweet smile and great potential in these photos, or do you see just a deformed child who you would rather scroll past?    You can guess which one I see!  I hope and pray you all see it too.

His life matters just as much as these lives…




Owen’s life is as important as all of our children’s lives are.  So, as hard as it is to put myself out there and beg for other people to be generous and help me give this child a chance, I still HAVE to do it.  Because the real question is, if I don’t try to help Owen, who else will?   He will surely sit in an institution for the rest of his life.   he has already been discarded by his parents, by society and even those charged to care for him purely for being born “different”.  I cannot and will not pass the buck to someone else on ANY of these kids, and I certainly can’t forget about this precious little 5 year old gem, Owen.

Today, when my 12 year old son asked me how many people donated to Owen’s fund, I seriously broke his heart when I had to tell him that not even one donation came in.  Owen’s fund still sits untouched despite the over 50 readers I had visit.  My son, was so upset by this that he is deperately trying to come up with some way we can entice others to donate.  He genuinely loves Owen and wants to help him, so I understand his sadness.  He suggested a garage sale which may do something, but it certainly wont raise the thousands of dollars needed to really help this guy.   Plus I’m having a difficult pregnancy thus far, and am limited as to what I can do (fundraising and such) so at this point I am literally left just asking.  I know, lame huh?   I certainly am not trying to make excuses, but I am trying to let you all know how much I need your help right now.  I am open to suggestions of things I cant try to raise money for this boy, so please suggest away!  Of course if I come up with anything, I will keep you all posted!

For now, if you find it in your heart to spare a few bucks and donate to Owen’s fund please click on the following link:   “Owen’s Help Me Get Adopted Fund”

Don’t forget to leave me a comment that you donated and of course please pray hard for this sweet boy!  He needs a family!

God bless!


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  1. Dear Andrea,

    Thanks for putting this precious face up here again. I love this kid, too. I was able to make a small donation to his fund a little while ago, and will soon add some more – tiny bits (not much cash here!), but the Lord can multiply it.

    Sometimes you DO fee like giving up….I have several ‘waiting children’s’ pictures up in my room, as reminders to PRAY and FIGHT for them….but after awhile I give up checking their R.R. pages. I don’t WANT to go see – AGAIN- that nothing has happened. No ‘my family found me’. No extra money. Nil.

    And YET. I’ve seen God act before! These 5 may still be waiting – but there are 6 other pictures I have moved up to a separate spot on the cork-board – BECAUSE THEY HAVE FAMILIES NOW!!!!! Libby, Pasha, Kamdyn, Gemma, Rose – If He can do it for them, He can do it for the others! He is willing, and He is able.

    But we need to learn trust. We need to learn hope. We need to learn faith. And so He tests us, gently – each time pushing us a little farther. The Master Craftsman is at work – using us, our lives; chisel-ing and chipping us away until we are a finished work to show forth His glory to a watching world. “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done.”

    And so we watch, we pray, we carry on. “For in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.”

    May He be with you, and give you peace, joy, and health – and prosper your work!

    • Jasmine,

      You are amazing! Thank you for the constant support, it means so very much. Your words of encouragement have come at exactly the perfect time. I really needed to hear it. God has his own time and as hard as it is for us to check RR and see that so many are still waiting, we have to remember to be patient in His time, not ours. We need to praise Him for the ones He has already saved.
      Thanks again Jasmine!

      • Dear Andrea,

        I’ve been needing the same encouragement lately myself – and the Lord is always faithful to send it, generally through His people! We do indeed need to trust His timing, in every area of our lives. He really does know best! And He CANNOT be unfaithful.

        Love, Jasmine

  2. Owen has haunted me as well. I sent emails about him to several different blogging mommies and one did share his information via her twitter account. I’ve also asked family to contribute to his adoption fund. I pray every night that Owen will find his mommy and daddy. I hope to make a donation by the end of the month! Bless you for keeping him in your heart!

    • Katharine,

      It is so nice to know that others love him too and are working to try and get his face out there. I appreciate your spreading the word and will keep trusting that God has a family for Owen someday. I really appreciate your support, and your encouragement. I needed it!


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