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With all the craziness from the Russian lawmaker fiasco in full swing, I failed to realize one very big detail.

What will happen to the kids listed on Reece’s Rainbow who are in Russia?  Will they suddenly be removed from the site?  Who will be removed?  When will this happen?

You see, I am not familiar with the different regions listed under each child so I have no clue who will be affected?  Who, of the many kids my family and I have been praying for will simply disappear?    This makes it so much more personal and I cannot even fathom what the families who were already set to adopt from here must be feeling.

I keep wondering, worrying…

Will my sweet Owen disappear?



For many of my readers and friends, you know Owen holds a special place in my heart.  The thought of his chances of ever getting to know the love of a family being cut down so greatly is so heartbreaking for me.  But I have no idea what country he is in?

Will he end up in some mental institution without a family?  My heart aches to think of it.


Or Little Lina?


Her health has deteriorated so much in the last months that they fear for her life.

What will her fate be?


Sweet Lilly?


I just love this girl.   Will she be removed too?



Who will disappear?


Dear readers,

Are any of you feeling the same thing?  I would love to hear your thoughts!

Thank you!


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  1. I can tell you how to decode 🙂 If there is a number and letter next to their name (like 3G) and at the bottom of their listing it says “Region 3” or some other region, they are in R. If there is a # after their name, followed by numbers they are in B. If there is no letter but in the bottom of their listing it says “code” or an orphanage number they are in U. “L” after the name is another country in EE. Asia and Africa say that in the listing.

    I hope that helps. I’m so sorry about Owen and what happened in R. We are praying. I know Andrea Roberts said we will keep fundraising and advocating, trusting that God will make a way for the rescue of these precious ones.


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