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Okay maybe a few words…  Oh friends, please help spread the word about these precious kiddos trapped in orphanages around the world.

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  1. The part where you can see the lady laughing at the kid who is screaming before she even starts hitting him, just sick. Was this just a daily beating line-up? Something they do to keep the kids in line the rest of the time?

    • Brianna, Its so sadistic isn’t it? Poor babies! Just think, you and I both know this is not even close to an isolated case either.

      Thanks for checking out my blog!

  2. I couldn’t even watch the whole thing, it’s heartbreaking! 😦
    My question is, who is filming this? and why would these orphanages allow a camera so others could see how awful they are treating these children? What’s the full story on this?

    • Kelly, I completely am with you. It is soooo hard to watch, but at the same time, the exposure is what HAS to happen to end this sort of thing. As for your question, why does anyone film anything they shouldn’t? Are they just morons? Are they that sick in the head to where they want to play it back for themselves later to get some perverse satisfaction from it? I wished I knew… But it is obviously not staged and is very real what is happening. Sadder still is this is just a tiny bit of the massive abuse and neglect children in orphanages, foster care and so on, endure around the globe. So so many die because of it. My heart is broken too. Thank you for checking out my blog! P.S. If this makes you mad, you should see the rest of my blog. I want to educate as many folks as I can about what is really going on out there regarding the little ones. My hope is that spreading the word will DO something. God bless!

  3. This is sickening, I would love to beat that woman senseless who is harming these defenseless little kids…this is awful…makes me sad, and brings tears to my eyes…

    • Kevin,
      I know your pain. If you check out other sections of my blog, you will read about how I was sooooo angry for the first several months after learning about this dark world that these kids have to live in. All I can do now is share it, spread the word and make this situation known!! Sadly this isn’t even the tip of the iceberg my friend. But you know, that anger and pain you feel for these kids is how change comes about… Thanks for reading/sharing!

  4. I couldn’t watch past the first few seconds. Oh Lord, please help.

    • Crystal,
      I know. After learning so much of the horrible stuff that goes on in our world concerning kids, I am glad to know I am not desensitized. It is such a passion for me that I don’t think the heartache of this could ever go. What gets me the most is, who are these people in the world who are totally fine with this sort of treatment? Who thinks this is okay? The fact that there are thousands upon thousands of folks who think child abuse, torture, neglect and the like is just peachy is shocking. Thanks for reading! Hope life abroad is treating you well!!!

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  6. My son is 13 and has been with us 1.5 years. Now that he can express himself he is telling me all the stories of the abuse he endured while in the orphanage and one of his foster homes. It is heartbreaking

    • Donna, This is so sad to hear. I have heard so many stories of parents who’s adopted children have been though so much pain and abuse. It is unacceptable, this treatment. So glad though that your son now has you!

  7. Sadly I travel abroad and these things happen too often, but I am glad awareness is being brought forth so these children can be taken out of these situations!! I spoke to a now adult child who was an orphan raised in a CHRISTIAN hogar that suffered some of the most brutal abuse you can imagine!!! Why doesn’t it stop some may ask? Because sadly their front as Christans keeps the money from the US pouring in and they teach these children that the Bible tells them to obey and when they don’t it’s ok to beat them!! My stomach turned as I listened to his story!! Sadly 20 years later the orphanage is still opened and tons of money still pours in!!

    • Nessa, I fear you are correct and sadly it ruins it for those who are Christian and do want to help for real. There is a lot and I do mean A LOT of people out there who Satan has such a hold of. You add that to free will and it is a mix with disastrous consequences. Makes me so nauseous… Thank you for your support!!!

  8. How can I help you uncover this horrific abuse… I have written to the Department of Childrens Issues and to Sec of State Kerry’s office…. but we need to get people together in numbers… I am so sickened by this…. and am on board to help get this changed.

    • Tamara,
      Truly it is about awareness, sharing knowledge about what is going on. You can help by read my blog and sharing anything that speaks to you. My goal is to Educate and Advocate!! When I started this blog over a year and a half ago I had no idea what I was doing. All I knew was that I had to write down all I had learned and try my best to get it out there. The more people we have sharing this cause, the better! I am still trying to figure out what more we can do… Ideas are appreciated as well!

  9. How could anyone just sit here and let this go on? Kids are the sometimes the only people who can make me happy, and I was almost sick watching this. I wish I could go over there and show the “caretakers” how it feels to be treated that way. Just please, UN, stop this kind of stuff!

    • Breanna, I know how you feel. It sickens the soul doesn’t it. Kids are amazing and it is so unfair to have so many living in such sad conditions. Please pray for change, read my blog as there is a lot of good info here and share what moves you my friend! This may put a smile on your face, I should share with you what my friends who moved to Ukraine are doing to try and help over there.

  10. Russian orphanage workers caught on tape brutally abusing and torturing male orphans. : videos

    Be warned…a lot of language in the threads. There’s insight to what has happened to the two girls involved.

    “These are not the workers, but two 17 year old graduates. The one who was recording it posted it on the internet to brag about it. She is only a witness in this case because she’s not an adult yet.
    They are being charged with a criminal offense and stay in a detention center for teenagers now. The head of the orphanage is being charged for negligence. The kids were sent to rehabilitation.”

    • Amanda,
      Wow, first off that is sick! Yeah, let’s brag about how cool I am because I beat helpless children, wow! Secondly, only a witness because she is under 18 even though she was the one doing the abuse? Wow that seems right… OR NOT!! How about lets make people who do bad things be accountable for their actions! Thanks for the insight Amanda!

  11. Andrea, while brutal to watch – thank you for sharing this. I will do the same and help to advocate. Thanks for all that you are doing to spread the word and for your advocacy. This is happening in Russia; yet, they have closed adoptions to the USA due to what they are calling neglect/abuse by some of the adoptive parents here? Sick, twisted, and unacceptable! We can all help to bring change to the world. I pray for these children.

    • Sandy,

      It is so brutal I know. Thank you for being willing to share as well, it is so important! Russia and the law is pretty ridiculous, I know. How many children die in their state care without and eye being batted? Too many. Thank you for the support!


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