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Hey friends,

Happy New year!  
Where have I been?  I know, I know, here I am for the billionth time apologizing for my lack of blogging.  Hmmmm, well folks it’s update time!

My life as a stay at home mom is nothing short of crazy. With a 20 month old and a 4 year old, who could expect less? Oh and I should add that my 14 year old who has just decided to become a blue haired ninja,(no really, he wants a ponytail… Like a ninja, and his hair is blue… Yes, I colored it for him, don’t judge me!) is quite self sufficient and helpful, aside from the attitude we get dished on occasion.  My husband, still amazing as always.

Truly, I feel like my days are just filled with chasing two tiny giggling girls around… Changing diapers, potty chair trips, baths, snacks, meals, toys, playing, laundry, dishes, cleaning, more diapers, naptime… Ahhhh, naptime.   And then back to potty chair visits, games, diapers, more snacks, runny noses, and so on.   Its busy, but it’s good.  So very good.  

I often think about how lucky my children are to be born to parents who love them and want them, and better yet, can provide for them.  I ponder the millions of children stuck in bad foster care situations, or worse, institutionalised, dumped into a trash can or abandoned at a bus station.  

My kids are not starved, or thirsty, cold or unclothed.  They are not left to the mercy of a caregiver who fears touching them for they might “catch” their disease, their syndrome.  A caretaker who gives only the bare minimum for mere survival, breath and a heartbeat.  

My children were taught lovingly, how to walk, to feed themselves, to play, to love, to hug, to share.  They don’t know the pain of atrophied limbs, or empty tummies, bed sores, bleeding diaper wounds, rotted teeth. 
So even though my life is chock full of go go go…  Even though at the end of each day I collapse in exhaustion, It’s amazing to witness these little nurtured bodies grow and change into independent people.  I’m constantly in awe of them.  Little miracles. 

And yet my heart aches for the children in our world who weren’t/aren’t so lucky.  I pray for them, I plead for God to show me/us what we can do to help.  I pray about us adopting… The suffering is so great.  There is such an immense need, but how does one fill it?

Then, there are the lucky ones… Out of those who have been abandoned, forgotten, unloved.   Children who are given a second chance.  The chance to be loved, to be treasured, thrive, to grow, to learn, to live for real.  These kids are the adopted ones.  Children born from another, now called son or daughter.  Now part of a family…  Now blood. 
One such situation is my dear friend Kelly.  Kelly is selfless as they come… Superwoman if there ever was one. She thrives on being a mother to her children and I can attest that she was born to do it.

   She and her husband have huge hearts and are big advocates of adoption. They have three beautiful children, two of whom they were blessed with through adoption. Currently they are adding to their family once more, adopting two precious kiddos from China. These two kids have waited so very long to be chosen, to get a second chance.  That’s why I’m writing this today… The Lee’s expect to travel to get their precious children in just over a week and are still trying to raise the money they need.  Now before you make any snap judgements and decide to skip the rest of my post, you should read on first. This amazing family has done everything in their power to pay for this adoption with their own blood, sweat and tears. Sold everything they could think of, held car washes, sold t-shirts, bake sales, had auctions, garage sales, even held self defense classes, sold their farm fresh eggs, you name it!  They have worked very, very hard but need a little help getting over the last hump.  All who know Kelly want nothing more than to see them succeed in welcoming these two kiddos into their family. Ever heard of an envelope fundraiser ? Well, Please check out the really fun page that’s been set up for them and consider starting out your new year making a real difference in some very deserving lives. Thank you! Please share!


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