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Orphanage 9

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Today’s post isn’t about anything new.  It isn’t new, but it is a matter of life and death.  Folks, it’s all about prayer.  It’s about getting on our knees and begging God to help find these special children families!  It’s about getting their faces seen so that maybe a mom or a dad will see one of these kids as “their child”.  Today is all about Orphanage 9.

Orphanage 9 is a sad place.  It is one of the poorest orphanages in the region.   All of the children here are extremely malnourished due to the nutrient poor diet which barely keeps them alive.  Of course this also means that all of the children are incredibly tiny for their ages and have many other health issues as a result.  This ophanage receives little outside aid and transfers all children to mental institutions at the age of just 4 years old!

These 5 children are the only children who are listed available for adoption from this place.  Why so few?  I have no idea, but it sickens me.  I know there are so many more children in this sad place just waiting for a chance.    But instead, they lie in their cribs day after day, month after month, year after year waiting, hoping,  slowly dying.  Most of them end up thrown away like yesterdays garbage, completely alone and neglected in some horrible mental institution.   These children truly have numbered days, and will be transferred soon.   Oh how I pray that God will let their families see them and bring them home before it’s too late!

Please meet the children of orphanage 9:


Precious Tina is such a little light!  Look at those eyes.  what do you think she was thinking at the moment they took this photo?   She looks sad.



I have advocated for this little one before.  This little sweetheart has such a sweet face.   I just want to grab her up and snuggle her!



This baby girl looks like she desperately just wants somebody to hold her.  This little doll needs her mommy!



Sweet Giselle.  What can I say, her face breaks my heart!  She looks so sick and neglected and sad.   She will surely not survive in an institution.  We must help her family to find her!!!



On the adoption site they call this little one a monkey.  That  is just what I think when I see his little face!  What a cute little monkey!  I would snatch this guy up in a heartbeat if God said “Do it”!    Praying, praying…


To view each child’s full listing click on the individual links or the link below.


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  1. Hi Andrea; again, thank you for the post! You said that this is one of the worst orphanages in it’s ‘region’ – are you able to say what country this is in? (I realise that you may be restricted as to what information you can ‘go public’ with, so will understand if not!).

    I need to add these pumpkins to my prayer list.

    God Bless!

  2. P.S. Its amazing how particular children grab your attention…for me, out of these, it’s Giselle. No idea what makes her stand out from the other dears, but she’s a darling for sure. Need to pray that long list of medical ‘problems’ on her R.R. page will not put families off her!

    This little baby (she truly IS a baby, born just this Feb!) caught my eye on Reeces Rainbow today. What a precious angel. She needs a Mommy – as do all these sweet kids. x

  3. Praying for these precious lil’ ones!

  4. I love Giselle too. Where is her Mommy??? Thanks for putting her face out there!

    • 🙂 I love her! She is such a tiny sweetie. I cannot imagine how quickly she would grow and transform if she were adopted! Prayers are appreciated for these little ones!

      Thank You!



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