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A Happy Kind Of Day!

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I know my posts are usually heavy, and I am sorry but it’s the nature of my quest!   However today, is about family!  It’s a happy post to simply express how happy my heart is on this day, August 11th.  Okay I know I should have done this earlier, this will actually post on the 13th.  Yikes!

12 years ago today I became a mother.

Over the years my boy has taught me so many things about love, life and motherhood.   He is such a blessing…


Hard to believe it was so long ago.


My guy in 1st grade.  Look at those tiny baby teeth!

It has gone way too quickly!

My soon to be 6th grader doing what he does best, being a hero to his baby sister!


I have seen God working in Athen since he was very young.  He is amazing to me.

I have on many occasions, witnessed my child befriend children who others might have seen as “different” or “outcasts”.  He is always willing to step out and do the right thing for the sake of someone else, not paying mind to what his peers may think.    He truly has a heart for helping others and setting an example of kindness.  I couldn’t be more proud.

Happy 12th birthday my sweet boy!


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