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No big post today. I just have a question for my readers.

What did you think of the documentary in my post Abandoned?

I just want to know if it hit you all as hard as it hit me.  How did it make you feel?  What were your thoughts?

If you haven’t yet watched each segment, please take some time to do so.   The story of these children is one which needs to be heard and seen.   Once you have watched it, I would love to know your thoughts.    You can click on the word “Abandoned” above to go to the page where you will find the video links.

Thanks, friends!

Hope to hear from some of you soon!


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  1. I watched that documentary a few months ago and I couldn’t stop thinking about it afterward. It reminded me of why we advocate, why we are moving, and how precious each of those lives are to God.

    • Kim,

      You are exactly right! This is why we advocate! These children are just a handful of reasons why change must come. What people need to realize is that change isn’t going to come, unless WE step up and do something. I applaud you for following what God put in your heart. It takes so much courage to actually listen and do what He asks us to. Too many choose not to. Thanks for you thoughts!


  2. I watched them all…..very sad. I hope the woman was able to do something about it. That last scene made me cry.

    • Jacqui,

      Thanks for reading my blog! It is really hard to swallow this sort of thing when you first learn about it. I am thankful that this particular facility closed down, however there are many more who are the same or worse. I can only hope, pray and continue blogging and advocating, and maybe someday real changes will come for kids like these around the globe! There is another one you may want to watch called Ukraine’s Forgotten Children which you can find here: youtube
      It was information like this which I was ravenous for when I first felt God tell me I needed to do something. I still remember when I heard him say I was to start a blog and let that be the first step, I had no idea what a blog really was! Well, here I am deep in the trenches of blogging and I have to say He has opened some amazing doors for me through this. I appreciate your checking out what I have been working on here and encourage you to come back and read through my other sections, share this blog with others, and help get the word out.

      🙂 Thanks again Jacqui!



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