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God’s Plan For Us

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As many of you know, I have questioned for quite a long time as to whether or not God will ask us to adopt.  I have been sitting here attempting to be as patient as possible, waiting, listening.  I have been desperate to hear God’s still, small voice each time I see a precious orphaned child’s face.  I can’t express how many times I have desperately wanted to be the mother to any one of these children.

Oh how my heart aches for the day when we get to make one (or more) of these desperately needy and suffering children part of our family!  The hardest thing for me here is the patience; I just don’t have it.  I mean, especially when it comes to something so amazing and life changing for all involved.

Well, I have recently come to a conclusion on this subject.  The subject of  when are we going to be asked to adopt.

Thus far I have not heard God say, “Yes, that one is yours.”   I have felt Him working on something, but I have not been able to tell what was on the horizon.  That is, until now.

I think God has other plans for us in this season of our lives.  Maybe I should be more specific.

Last week, as I was holding our friends new baby in my arms, my husband looked over at me and said out loud, “Uh-oh.  Look what’s happening.”  He was making reference to the fact that I may get baby fever, and he’d better watch out!  Lol!  Makes me laugh so hard just typing this!  He cracks me up!



Yes, we are expecting!!

I am still very early in this so I am asking everyone to pray for this new little one.   That little Low number 3 will be covered by God’s mighty hand.

Our first doctors appointment isn’t till September 26th,  so hard to be patient!!!  I am terrible at waiting for the good stuff! Oh, and this is how I’m sneakily telling my family. Surprise!


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  1. Yay!!!!! Congrats, sweet friend!!!

  2. Hurray! A new baby is always good news! Congratulations, Andrea!!

  3. awww congratulations!!! i’m so happy for you guys =)

  4. Wwwowww, that’s great news!! Congratulations! Dad & I are sooooo excited for you guys! God bless you Sweetheart and your dear little one.

    • Thanks so much! We are excited too! Sorry we were in Lake Tahoe all weekend and Grant’s parents are here so I haven’t been on here to respond. I got your message this morning, you are sweet! Thank you! Love you guys!

  5. Omg! Congrats! McKenna is going to be a big cousin! Yay! We are excited for you guys!

  6. Oh, Andrea! Congratulations! “Children are a heritage from the Lord, and the fruit of the womb is His reward.” 🙂

  7. So thrilled for you ALL!! You’ll be in my thoughts 🙂

  8. Awwwww yay!!!!! That is great news! I’m so happy for you!


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