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Today will not be a day of many words (for once!).   I am just here to share with you all some beautiful things!

Today we had our doctors appointment and God granted us the gift of being able to hear that beautiful sound of our tiny baby’s heartbeat.   What’s even cooler, we saw our little tiny baby nugget’s tiny arms waving at us!  So amazing!  I am so grateful that we are receiving another blessing from God.

So, number one on the list of beautiful things.

Baby nugget! Doctor said the baby is very curled up right now for some reason so it’s really hard to make out details.



Next, my beautiful son.  12 years old and such an amazing kid!  On the verge of turning 20 on me in the blink of an eye, I know God has some incredible plans for this one.




And, my beautiful daughter Ari.   Every time I look at her, I feel like I’ve just taken a breath of fresh air.  What a blessing she is!   She is so smart and absolutely hilarious.  I love this little ray of sunshine!

Sweet Ari




This beautiful man is more than I could ever ask for!  My husband.  The most amazing husband, incredible father, and best friend.  God is so good.

Oldie, but one of my favorites!



This last one is just as beautiful as the others, I love him!  Pray his family sees his beauty as well and that they find him soon!



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  1. Andrea, every time I see you post again about Owen, I can’t help but wonder whether God is intending him for your family. 🙂

    • Susanna,

      You may be right, and that would be amazing! Who knows what God has in store for us! For now, it’s just praying and waiting. Oh and of course our new baby we have on the way!!! It’s so hard to want him, and love him and then also want to see him get wanted and loved right away by a family who is able and willing now. Again, we must wait in His time, not ours…


  2. I love owen… He is so sweet!!!!!! Can i hug and kiss him forever 🙂 So sweet!!!!!


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