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The Sweetest Day

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It’s been a long day and I am just now getting a moment before bed, while feeding baby nugget a fourth meal of frosted mini wheats, to sit down a perhaps write something meaningful.  But alas, I am so utterly zonked from the day and from pregnancy hormones and have no option but to shorten my originally planned agenda (yes, I hear all my readers out there quietly cheering- I still love you all though).

Today was the anniversary of a very special day, the day I married my very best friend.

Looking at my little boy during the ceremony

I know cliche right?  Well, even so, it’s true!  My Grant is always there for me, always loving, always understanding, always giving our love everything he has to give.  He is such a gift not just to me in my life, but for my son who had only me for so many years being both mom and dad.  That makes the memory of this day October 20th, so much sweeter.

Grant helping the little man get ready for the ceremony. They have so much fun together, can you tell?

Grant has given Athen, more than just a step dad.  He has given him the warmest love and the most beautiful father son relationship I have ever seen.  No matter how tired Grant is when he gets home from work, or the giant honey-do list he has looming over his head, he always makes sure to spend time hanging out with his son.

Athen has made comments about how much he appreciates how Grant is with him (in his own kid kind of way) over the years.  Quite honestly, we all know that it was God who broke through any potential barriers and facilitated this deep bonding they have shared.   What a sweet thing!

What a perfect day that was…

Sharing our first moment as a “family” afterwards. Just precious.

I am blessed beyond words to have shared such a sweet day, with such a wonderful man.


It feels like so long ago, yet just like yesterday…

But then I think of how much has happened since then, how much things have changed…

And grown…

and grown some more…

And continue to grow…

Baby nugget

I begin to realize that in this short time, our lives have become so much more sweet.  Even sweeter than I could ever imagine.  I cannot wait to see what God has instore for us!  I am so honored to be sharing this life with my Grant.  Thank  you Husband for EVERYTHING you do and EVERYTHING you are.  You are so very loved!  Wubboo!


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  1. Oh, Andrea – happy anniversary! What a beautiful wedding – and beautiful photos! God bless you and yours…and congratulations again on the wonderful little gift inside! 😉

    Jasmine xx

  2. What a wonderful day that was! I can’t believe Athen was ever that small 🙂


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