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Little Princess Chesca

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I know many have read about the fundraiser that I’m currently running.

One special reason I am doing this fundraiser…  6 year old Chesca.


Look at this beautiful girl! She is so special, and from what I’m told, quite spunky. She loves princesses and dolls just like any other 6 year old girl. But sweet Chesca has something else about her…

She has stage 4 Ewing’s Sarcoma and we recently discovered that she has no further options.  The cancer has spread and chemo is no longer possible.


Maya’s Hope funds her care, and has been for quite some time.
This tough little angel has been through so much in her short life.  She has been an absolute inspiration for all who follow her journey… Being positively charming and strong through multiple rounds of chemo, pokes and tests, all while the cancer and her enlarged arm is causing intense pain. 


Now the focus is on giving little Chesca the most comfortable life possible for however long we still have her.  You see, in the Philippines, you must prove you can pay or you cannot receive medical care.  Without your help, her treatment and pain management will not be possible. And without medication, she is in unimaginable pain.
Please consider donating and helping a worthy cause. 
If you want to help Chesca and some other great kids, and maybe win yourself a nice prize, go here to learn more.

More on Chesca’s story here.


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  1. Shared your story. God bless you. May the Good Lord touch more hearts who can pray and help.


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