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I’d like to introduce you to an amazing kid.

He is 8.

I am told he is super sweet.

He is bright.

He wants to go to school.

He wants to learn to read and write.

Oh, and he loves Minions!  Yes, the little yellow guys.

But he gets teased…  Why?

Because of his face.


He has such a beautiful face though, doesn’t he?

However it isn’t only about the teasing.  For Joshua the protrusion on his face is life threatening.

Thankfully, Maya’s Hope has stepped in and offered to help raise funds for his surgery.  In the Philippines, you have to prove you can pay before they will treat you.


Joshua needs Maya’s Hope, and Maya’s Hope needs YOU!

Please go here to help one of three different amazing causes or donate a little to each of them!  Oh, and when you donate, you’ll be entered to win some money and some bling!

Let’s  band together and do something great today!

Thank you!


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