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Hope is beautiful.


Hope has so much potential.

She is 7 years old.

7 years old and just 10 pounds! 

She has the chance become part of a loving family, the Horton’s.

She will be a daughter for the first time.

She will be a sister for the first time.

I’d like to introduce one of Hopes new sisters, Sophia. 


Sophia is from the same orphanage that Hope is in. 

You see, when Sophia was adopted by the Horton’s at age 4, she weighed just 10 pounds. 


I met this angel shortly after she came home. She fit in an infant car seat and looked like a baby.  This, from years of neglect.

But living with this amazing family, little fragile Sophia became a happy 26 pound 6 year old! 

Tell me that’s not astounding.

Tell me that’s not remarkable.

Tell me Hope hasn’t got the same chance to be a chubby, smiley, happy kid. 

The proof is right in front of your eyes with Sophia’s transformation.  

I know this family, the Horton’s.  They are truly amazing people.  Right now they are trying to expedite Hope’s adoption due to her fragile condition.  It is so much more dire than imagined.  But with that, comes more need, more fees and a totally different timeline.  But despite these unforeseen hardships, they don’t want to let Hope down, they want to go get their daughter.

Please go here to help  any one of three different amazing causes, the Horton’s included, or donate a little to each of them!  Oh, and when you donate, you’ll be entered to win some money and some bling!  

Let’s  band together and do something great today!

Hope and the Horton family thanks you!



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