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Back To The Drawing Board!

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I’m changing it up folks so listen up! 

I realize the $20 entry donation to my giveaway is unappealing… So I’m going to sweeten the deal by quite  a lot.

Remember, it’s all for them and so many more…


I want to pass my goal amount and then some! 

How can we do it? 

Like this:

To enter into the giveaway:
You get ONE free entry by sharing the link to this page on Facebook. (Please tag me in your share so I can record your entry.  Your share must be set to “public”.) 

Your first entry is $5!  Yeah, you read right, not $20, but $5!  

$5 donation  =  1  chance to win

Each additional $3 on top of your $5 initial donation earns you 2 entries!  Must be in $3 increments. 

$5     donation =  1  entry
$8     donation =  3 total entries
$11  donation =   5 entries
$14  donation =   7 entries
$17  donation =   9 entries
$20  donation =   11 entries
And so on…

If everyone who reads this blog post donates, we should be holding the drawing in no time! 

To enter:

#1)  Choose which cause you’d like to donate to, click the link for it below. Donations through this method ARE tax deductible! (Please consider donating to more than one to ensure each gets help):

                  Maya’s Hope


        Hope for the Horton family

#2)  Once you have made your donation, forward your email confirmation to me at: 

#3) Once I receive your email receipt showing how much you donated and to whom, your entries will be added to the drawing. 

#4)  You may also want to  message me via here on my blog, or Facebook letting me know you sent a receipt to my email.  This is just to ensure I received it. 

And come on, the prize is SWEET!   For such a small donation, what do you have to loose? 


And a genuine sterling silver Pandora bracelet worth over $100!


Let’s do this!


I appreciate your comments!

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