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What does Maya’s Hope do for kids around the globe? Well, I’ve shared the stories of Joshua and Chesca.  But now I want you too meet a new little girl that Maya met while in the Philippines recently. 

Meet Jennifer. She is 7 years old.

As Maya was out and about, she spotted this sweetheart with her mother and was compelled to go introduce herself and meet Jennifer . She was so moved by her story that she decided on the spot, this kiddo needs to be a Maya’s Hope kid!
Jennifer was a normal 6 year old last year, when suddely her life changed.  She is now completely affected by a huge facial tumor.  As one can guess, her quality of life is no longer very good and she is likely plagued by immense pain.
Not much is known about her condition, but it is abundantly clear she needs medical attention.   Remember, this sweetie was a normal happy kid with no tumor, just a year ago.

Just look at her smiling face…
Jennifer is just a little girl. She likes girly things like play jewelry and pretty sparkles. She likes the same things other little girls her age do, playing and having fun. The hope is that someday she will be able to do all the things she enjoys without other kids teasing her, without pain, without fear.

Consider helping Maya’s Hope and help out a sweet kid, and perhaps a couple of other kiddos too by going here.  Plus, the bonus is that you’ll be entered to win an awesome prize!


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