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Hello Again

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Hello Again

Just days ago, precious tiny Chesca passed away. She fought long and hard but just couldn’t hold on any longer. It was because of Maya’s Hope, an organization dedicated to helping children all over the globe get proper medical care (among many other needs). Chesca got the chance to survive, the chance to live with dignity, and essential medication to help stave off the intense pain she was in. Rest in peace sweet girl.

Please continue to read my original post below.

I’ve intrduced you to this lovely little lady once before.
This is Chesca.  She’s 6.


She is just a little girl.  Who likes putting her babies to bed.


And snuggling up with her favorite friends.


But she has cancer.  A rare and aggressive cancer.


It began in her arm, but it spread.
She is a little warrior.


Checsa lives in a part of the world where poverty is prevalent.  And sights like these are common.



Receiving care from a hospital is impossible if you can’t prove you can pay.  Her family cannot afford medical care, yet Chesca cannot go without it. Everyday is a struggle for her and she needs medicine.
Chesca’s family relies on Maya’s Hope.


She is fighting everyday.


In so much pain…


But Maya’s Hope is fighting too… Fighting to give her all the help she needs.
Maya’s Hope helps many children and families around the globe.
That’s why they are a part of my fundraiser .  I want to support them as much as possible, for all the Chesca’s out there that Maya helps.

You can read about the fundraiser here :

Thank you!


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