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Tomorrow (monday Oct. 19) is the absolute last day to get entered!

I’m only $200 short of the goal!

Once the goal is met, I’ll draw for the winner of the $150 Visa gift card and the $100 Pandora bracelet. All who donate get entered into the drawing!

Many people have asked questions about my giveaway, who it benefits, and how it works.
With so much information spread about, I decided it’s time for a condensed informational post.

Firstly, I have to give a big THANK YOU!  To all those generous people who have donated already.  Couldn’t do this without you!



Who benefits from the money raised?

There are 3 causes to choose from, or donate some to each!  (click on each one to read about them)



Info:  Maya’s Hope

To donate: Maya’s Hope


Info: The Horton Family

To donate:  The Horton Family


Info:  Ben

To donate: Ben



What are the Giveaway details?

#1 Donate to any or all the causes

# 2 Forward your receipt to me:

#3 You are then entered into the
Giveaway! Your drawing entries
are based on your donation

$5     donation =  1  entry
$8     donation =  3 total entries
$11  donation =   5 entries
$14  donation =   7 entries
$17  donation =   9 entries
$20  donation =   11 entries

And so on…
The more you donate, the more entries!



What’s the prize?

A genuine sterling silver Pandora
bracelet with charm. Worth over $100!


A $150 Visa gift card!

When will the drawing take place?

As soon as the goal amount is reached. I want to get to $1,500 and I believe it can be done, but NOT without YOU!

Just a little something to remind you of who you’re helping.

I appreciate your comments!

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