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Winner Revealed!

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First off, a HUGE THANK YOU to all those who supported my fundraiser!  You guys are amazing!!!   This is such a long time coming, so without further adieu… Our winner!    Over $1,200 was raised to benefit the Horton family, Maya’s Hope and sweet little Ben.    Each one of these still desperately needs your support so please click on each to learn more.  You can also find more information as several recent posts have been made on each here on this blog… so please browse!

Congrats to Deanna E.!


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  1. Hi Andrea, I am not able to view the video on your blog or on FB. Can you write who won?
    Thanks! Jo Moseley

    • Ah, strange? Not sure why that would happen. But yes the winner was Deanna E. Thank you for supporting this fundraiser Jo! I so appreciate it and I know the recipients do too!


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