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Do you like money ?

Duh, of course you do! Even though we all hate to admit it.

Do you like jewelry?
Ladies, I know you do.
Come on guys, you can give jewelry to your lady and earn some crazy “points”, am I right?!

What about helping others? Do you like to do that?
Makes you feel good huh?
Yes it does! And it makes our world a better place, when we lend a helping hand.

If your answer is yes to all of these questions, keep reading! If it was no, then my whole blog is really going to annoy you… Cause it’s all about THAT!

My goal? I want everyone who reads this post to enter MY GIVEAWAY! 

Why? To help bless the socks off of three completely amazing causes. Buuuuut, it can’t be done without YOU!

So, to get this party started, I’m offering a flash incentive!  Anyone who donates, and follows the entry instructions on my page, between today Thursday, August 20th and Wednesday, August 26th September 5th at 11:59pm, gets a little something extra!
So for you lucky selects folks,

$5     donation =  1  entry   2 entries!
$8     donation = 3 total entries 6 entries!
$11  donation =   5 entries 10 entries!
$14  donation =   7 entries   14 entries!
$17  donation =   9 entries   18 entries!
$20  donation =   11 entries  22 entries!
$23 = 13 entries  26!
$26 = 15 entries  30!
$29 = 17 entries  34!
$32 = 19 entries  38!
$35 = 21 entries  42!
$38 = 23 entries  46!
$41 = 25 entries  50!
$44 = 27 entries  54!
$47 = 29 entries  58!
$50 = 31 entries  62!
And so on…

Now for the money I mentioned earlier.
The prize is a coooool $150 Visa gift card AND a genuine sterling silver Pandora bracelet!  Total package value is over $250! 



Some examples of what people create with their Pandora bracelets…


It’s completely customizable and fun!

**(winner may choose to opt out of claiming the bracelet as part of the prize if it isn’t desired.)**

Let’s get this party started and earn some double entries!

Thanks for your support!


I appreciate your comments!

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