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The Posts in this section are pertaining to situations in desperate need of all you prayer warriors out there. I will do my best to post updates here as well. Thank you friends!

No Words – Part 2

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On the heels of this very disturbing video which I posted in my blog titled No Words, I was met with understandable outrage from my readers.  In fact, I had close to 10,000 readers visit my blog due to that one post. Many of you had things to say and I love that you all got so involved.  It was truly shocking.    It was one kind reader who brought to my attention, some follow up on this sickening display of abuse.  I thought all of you may be interested as well so I am posting it HERE.

Outside our generally comfy lives we must open or eyes to more than just our first world problems.  Don’t think I am not guilty of complaining about first world problem either.   It is known to happen on occasion and I catch myself, and feel guilty for a while.  But really, there is so much more going on out there than we realize.   And even if you don’t believe it, God sees, cares, weeps and wants to see change… from us, by us.


If you would like to know more about what you can do to help, go HERE.

Would You?

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Christmas time has come and gone once more… During the mad rush of shopping and preparing and attending holiday gatherings, did you stop to think about what the holidays really mean?  This season is so full of want want want, but what about give give give?  Isn’t it truly about the giving nature of the season, when we pause to give thanks to God for giving up his only son Jesus, who died on the cross to save us sinners?  All so that we could have eternal life.  Now, even if you aren’t a believer, this holiday season should still represent giving and sharing, right?

After seeing the truly horrific and glum existence of many of the orphans in the world, would you consider helping a family bring home one of them?  What a gift adoption is and how blessed both parent and child can be by it.  To show a child who has spent their entire existence in a laying room, never ever being held, cries ignored, diapers soiled far too long,  often drugged, or abused, or just…  not loved.  Would you help give a child like that a family of their own?  Would you?

If all it took was one day where you didn’t go to Starbucks but instead donated that $4 to a family’s adoption fund?  Would you?

Let me repeat that, ONE DAY, $4!  That is so piddly isn’t it?  We spend that without batting an eye twenty times over at Target on junk we don’t need right?

So, would you?

I happen to know of a need that is pretty huge right now.   I have some friends who are trying to make an orphan in this world, an orphan no longer.  I have personally met each of these families and there is no better place for an orphan to end up, wonderful people.   But the cost of adoption can be upwards of $25,000 , yes I did just say that.   So before you decide whether or not you want to donate, share, or pray, please check out each one of these sweet families and what they are fighting for.


Little Donald is waiting for his new mom and dad to come get him!



The Jenks family

The Jenks family



Terry and her kids

Terry and her kids



And I am such a meanie, I forgot this last one when I published earlier!!!  I can’t forget the Horton Family who is adopting Gary and Marnie.

Sweet little Gary

Sweet little Gary


Adorable Marnie

Little Ones Lost

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Heavy on the heart  is a common thread with me, which I feel I should apologize about.  But truly, there is no way to sugar coat the orphan crisis, child abuse, trafficking and just plain brokeness.  There is too much reality in what I blog about to be sweetly packaged with a pretty bow.

Over the months I have been so blessed to see so many beautiful children come home to their forever families, many of whom I have had the pleasure of meeting.  Many I am still waiting to meet.  But then there are so very many I will never meet, never see them as they grow and never, never, never.  Why?

There is a side of this world that should never be.  The side that doesn’t get talked about aside from those in our closed little community of passionate advocating orphan lovers and adoptive parents.  Although we stand with torches blazing and lungs bellowing, screaming at the very tip tops of our voices for all to hear, begging for others to hear us out, to see what they have been blinded to.  Please, SEE THEM!  LOVE THEM! HELP THEM!  SPREAD THE WORD!  Although we stand, this is what is not heard…  They will be lost forever, aging out and put on the streets to fend for themselves.  They will be placed in mental institutions, be forgotten, caged like animals.  They will die.   If you dont listen, help, share, or see.  Really open your eyes and look at their faces.
































Connor James








All of these precious, sweet babes have lost their battle waiting for a family.  They all passed away before they could know the love of a mother, before they knew what snuggles were.  They did not get the chance to live loved by the people they were with, but rather they were all so very loved by all those fighting to help them.  We loved them, I loved them.  I believe we will always love them, think of them, pray for their powerful legacy to live on.  My hope is their legacy will bring forth change and give hope to those still waiting.

These are just a handful of the children who died waiting.  In loving memory.


It doesn’t have to be this way.  These babies did not have to die.

Please share.   Advocate.  Educate yourself despite the heartbreak.  Donate.  Help change the world.

Alert The Media!

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Holy Moly I am publishing another post y’all!, can you believe it?!   Has it been six months yet?  Ha!  I keep saying I am going to keep up with this but alas I stink at juggling two little girls a teenager and a blog!  A girl can still try though!  Where has my mind been?  Let’s see…

Little Emi Roo…

Little Emira

Little Emira






My Pookie girl, Ari…




My new teenager…


Notice a trend?  He calls Emira his baby.




My Husband…



The kidlets…

Like precious Hollis who just came home from Ukraine to be with his new mommy and daddy.

1005510_577601198963907_681898616_nHis parents, the Buhman’s are wonderful folks who I met recently and who helped me during my pregnancy/bedrest with Emi by bringing my family a meal.  They are super sweet and I couldn’t be happier that they live just minutes from me!!   Hollis is 2 and he was raised in a decent orphanage.  But even in a decent place, they still didn’t feed him anything but puree’d food so they could shovel it in his mouth at lightning speed.  He didn’t ever have time to chew, so he never learned.  Since gotcha day, his parents have been teaching him how to chew and sign and he is doing wonderfully.  He is adjusting very well and it is rumored he loves to snuggle with his mommy.  Isn’t he sweet?!    To read more about this amazing family and their journey, go here:



Precious Reign…


She is 14 years old, yes 14!  The extreme malnutrition and confinement to her crib has left her like this.  She is tiny!

Here is a short video of Reign.  You can see she seems drugged and the sad reality is she most likely is…  It is a common practice used to keep kids and even young babies “manageable”.  Sick I know, but the reality is there just aren’t enough hands to care for them all and so this is their solution even if it is wrong.   Poor Reign has possibly spent most or all of her life in a crib (her legs are probably stuck that way from laying), being fed this exact way, drugged and helpless.  My heart breaks…   You might also notice how she is intelligent by the way of her thinking twice about chewing in her shirt after being scolded a couple times.  These kids do have potential!



Amazing little fighter Sophia!  Remember her before?

1003305_623799324305819_552575150_nJust look at her now!  This child has been home for around a year and look at how fabulous she looks!    Remember little Hollis from above?  Sophia had a little something to do with him finding his family.  It’s a pretty special story that  you can read here.   Go, read it!!!!



And this precious child…  Keep in mind that this photo may be hard to look at, but it is reality.  The beautiful child shown on the left is Kyle, he is pure beauty, pure innocence, pure perfection…  Just look at those big brown eyes!   The neglected and starving child on the right is sweet Kyle just a couple of months after he was transferred to the mental institution.  This drastic transformation is not caused by disease or disability, but by mistreatment and neglect.  This child is literally dying in a mental institution in Russia…  There are thousands more just like this one.  Kyle has a family fighting to get him but with Putin’s ban on American adoptions, Kyle sits waiting and suffering.

UPDATE:  As I am writing this post, I have learned that sweet Kyle has passed away.  Rest in peace sweet one…  My heart is broken for this loss and for the family who wanted to make him their son.


What will you do about it?  Share it or turn the other cheek?



Finally, this guy…

OwenMany of you will recognize Owen, if you do not, please visit my beloved introduction of him on this page.  I have advocated for him many times and he holds a special place in my heart.    Everyday I wonder how he is doing.  You see he, like Precious Kyle picture above,  is in Russia.  I pray he has been found by a loving family in a “permitted” geographical location, that he is healthy, happy, and no longer waiting.  I dread learning that he has been transferred to a mental institution.  Please pray with me that this ban is lifted, that the children will be covered and safe and that changes will be made to improve the care they receive.  Love you sweet boy!



So my brain has been all over the place and rightfully so, this isn’t even the half of it!  I do hope that some of you will be compelled to share and pray this blog, this post, really any part of my site you find moving enough to do so.  Sharing is really my main goal here.  The more people learn about all this, the more change can be made, the more prayers, the more good can be done!  God bless!

Just the Q

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I have to admit, when I started this whole blogging thing, I knew it was going to be ton of work.  Getting my blog up and running with all the content I wanted to include seemed to be a never ending project.  But you see, I thought that if I could just get all of the main content done, the actual blogging would be easy.  Ha!  Boy, was I wrong!

I constantly find myself thinking, “I am a terrible blogger.  I am disappointing my readers by not posting often enough.”  I think it is safe to say that I am probably accurate on these assumptions.  However, for someone who needs absolute quiet in order to get her thoughts written down in a reader friendly manner, my house does not provide a conducive environment to do said task.  With a less than fun pregnancy taking every ounce of my energy and a toddler who would much rather hang out about an inch away from mommy no matter where mommy is, makes writing difficult to say the least.  Now factor in the sassy pre-teen boy who as of late, simply must press every one of his mothers hot buttons (oh the eye-rolling that has taken place in my home has reached epic proportions)!   So, as you can guess, what my wonderful and amazing readers get are the leftovers: one frazzled mama.  What am I to do with a bunch of fabulously bored readers with nothing new to read?

Shall I post about how my heart is broken for Owen and all the other children in Russia who won’t get the opportunity to have a family here in the U.S.?  Or shall I scream about how angry I am that children who are in dire need will be denied the possibility of a family here, making their chances of being adopted at all very low if at all?

Like this beautiful creature.  How can they tell her “no”.  This sweet thing has gone from this:


To this:  Lina-update-Oct-2012-215x300as6z-lina-updatejan2013-279x300

In less than a year. Little Lina has wasted away. She will be 2 years old in June.

 My heart is breaking for her, for all of them.  So many faces fading away into oblivion it seems (big sigh).

Nope, I just can’t think about that now.  It tears me up, but all I can do is pray.    I can whine, and stomp my feet, but that won’t do any good.  Only God can fix this.



So what shall I blog then?

I know – I will ask you all a question or two.

Has the information on my blog done anything positive for any of you?

Has the information on my blog opened any eyes?

Yes, I know the sections are lengthy.  But truly, I need your thoughts.

I ask these things because I need to know if what God has asked me to do is doing the good that I hoped it would.

Is there any information I should add to my content on here?

Constructive criticism is good, however I do ask that when responding, all comments remain kindly worded.  Thank you!

I appreciate everyone’s feedback!

God Bless-


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With all the craziness from the Russian lawmaker fiasco in full swing, I failed to realize one very big detail.

What will happen to the kids listed on Reece’s Rainbow who are in Russia?  Will they suddenly be removed from the site?  Who will be removed?  When will this happen?

You see, I am not familiar with the different regions listed under each child so I have no clue who will be affected?  Who, of the many kids my family and I have been praying for will simply disappear?    This makes it so much more personal and I cannot even fathom what the families who were already set to adopt from here must be feeling.

I keep wondering, worrying…

Will my sweet Owen disappear?



For many of my readers and friends, you know Owen holds a special place in my heart.  The thought of his chances of ever getting to know the love of a family being cut down so greatly is so heartbreaking for me.  But I have no idea what country he is in?

Will he end up in some mental institution without a family?  My heart aches to think of it.


Or Little Lina?


Her health has deteriorated so much in the last months that they fear for her life.

What will her fate be?


Sweet Lilly?


I just love this girl.   Will she be removed too?



Who will disappear?


Dear readers,

Are any of you feeling the same thing?  I would love to hear your thoughts!

Thank you!

A Sour Return To Posting…

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I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas!

As most of you know, I have been taking a break from posting for a while due to health reasons.  I am 5 months along now and by the grace of God I have been feeling better for about two weeks now, yay!  It has been a tough road thus far but we are getting through it.  Thank you all who have been praying for us.

With my health improved so greatly, I felt it was time to make a return to the cause I love so much.  Sadly, what has moved me on this day is the sorrow of Russia’s new and crazy law.  I really cannot believe this is happening.  It seems the leader in charge of this movement in Russia is upset about America restricting entry to people who have been “accused “of human rights violations in Russia.   Although, it is also reported that he is siding with the common misconception in Russia that American parents are neglectful and abusive to their children.  Interestingly there is no evidence to back this up.  In fact it has been found that since 1998 after close to 50,000 adoptions of Russian children by American families, there have been 19 reported cases of child death.  However in the same length of time, 1,220 children died while in the care of their Russian adoptive parents.   So I believe this reason is completely unfounded and is quite honestly being used as a fabricated excuse.  Not that I think ANY child death is excusable, I just think that if we are going to play this game it should be fair and backed by facts.  If they are going to say that Americans are dangerous parents and they are going to bring in human rights mumbo jumbo, that they should actually look at the numbers and punish their own people.  1,220 children is a whole heap more than 19.  Still, shame on each and every person responsible for those 1,239 children who died, no matter what country they are from!

Human rights violations are what we advocates are all about, we are trying to stop human rights violations in all sorts of countries.  That is a main reason I started blogging in the first place.  We ALL want fair and good treatment of children, and disabled adults all over the world.  America may be leaving a huge gray area for this ban (accused instead of convicted), Yet I am happy about the statement we are making, “We won’t tolerate that kind of behavior folks”.  Still, really?   Punishing the children, with the main goal of pulling at our heart strings is a pretty sick tactic.

Let me get this straight Russian leader who’s name rhymes with tootin;  Let the children suffer, be abused, languish in a crib for years till they die of neglect and starvation in some orphanage or institution, which in turn will hopefully make us Americans change the law and allow the scumbags responsible for this treatment to be granted travel access into our country?  Would you like us to lay out a welcome mat too and maybe a big sign for them that says “we love abusers”?    We are not okay with human rights violations!   You are going to go and blatantly COMMIT human rights violations?   You are totally willing to sacrifice those precious lives purely for retaliation on us for not being “cool” with these people?  Yeah that makes a ton of sense, and it is sick!

Shall we look at the numbers? Shall we see how many children “could have” been rescued?  Are you ready?

An estimated 1,500 American families are now were in the process of adopting Russian children.



46 families are were in the final stages of adopting Russian children.



So folks that means around 1,550 children who thought they were finally getting out of their chains of bondage, some of who met and felt the love of their new families, will now get nothing!  Nothing but a life rotting away in an orphanage or mental institution.    They almost had the chance at a real life, but it has been taken away from them like everything else.  This makes me so sad…

I will never understand why people do what they do.  How in their minds such evil motives and actions are acceptable, how they go to bed at night warm and snug and actually live with themselves.  It is beyond my comprehension.  Things like this leave such an unsavory sour taste in my mouth and leave my stomach churning.

Satan and his demons roam this earth preying on people.  So many fall victim and end up doing terrible things.  God giving us the gift of choice has been manipulated by the dark forces of our world and is being used to harm so many who are so very innocent.   Please join me in praying for these lost people, for the helpless children, for the families who long to make a difference, for the country and it’s  leaders,  for our country and for our world.

Thank you all!  I have missed you!

Dear Readers

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I want to give all of you a quick note.  I have been having some health issues and haven’t been able to post in a while, thankfully baby is doing just fine.
I would be so thankful for any prayers sent my way, I really long to start feeling like a functioning person again.   I hope to be back on here soon so hang in there and check back often!  You can also click to “follow” my blog and that way you will receive an email next time I post, kinda takes the guess work out for you.  Anyway, I love you all and thank you for your continued support and prayers!

God’s Plan For Us

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As many of you know, I have questioned for quite a long time as to whether or not God will ask us to adopt.  I have been sitting here attempting to be as patient as possible, waiting, listening.  I have been desperate to hear God’s still, small voice each time I see a precious orphaned child’s face.  I can’t express how many times I have desperately wanted to be the mother to any one of these children.

Oh how my heart aches for the day when we get to make one (or more) of these desperately needy and suffering children part of our family!  The hardest thing for me here is the patience; I just don’t have it.  I mean, especially when it comes to something so amazing and life changing for all involved.

Well, I have recently come to a conclusion on this subject.  The subject of  when are we going to be asked to adopt.

Thus far I have not heard God say, “Yes, that one is yours.”   I have felt Him working on something, but I have not been able to tell what was on the horizon.  That is, until now.

I think God has other plans for us in this season of our lives.  Maybe I should be more specific.

Last week, as I was holding our friends new baby in my arms, my husband looked over at me and said out loud, “Uh-oh.  Look what’s happening.”  He was making reference to the fact that I may get baby fever, and he’d better watch out!  Lol!  Makes me laugh so hard just typing this!  He cracks me up!



Yes, we are expecting!!

I am still very early in this so I am asking everyone to pray for this new little one.   That little Low number 3 will be covered by God’s mighty hand.

Our first doctors appointment isn’t till September 26th,  so hard to be patient!!!  I am terrible at waiting for the good stuff! Oh, and this is how I’m sneakily telling my family. Surprise!

The Other Mission Of Mine

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Most of you who read my blog on a regular basis know that thus far I have focused on the orphan crisis.  However, if you have read my mission you are aware that I have another, I guess, “push”.  That push is creating a movement to stop violence against children. Well, maybe a “movement” is a grand idea to have, but with God all things are possible!    I have so much hurt in my heart for the little ones who are victimized and helpless to defend themselves.   There are way too many kids in this world who are abused, neglected and many, many times it could have been prevented.

One story in particular really made an impact on me.   The story of Lauren, the girl who was locked in a closet for 6 years of her life.  Lauren was adopted by a wonderful woman who raised her from birth until she was just under two years old.   Lauren’s bio mother showed up and said she wanted Lauren back.  Shockingly the courts entertained this idea and allowed trial visitations.   Eventually the courts granted custody to Lauren’s bio mother despite the fact that there was evidence of abuse upon return from the visits.  Our system makes no sense sometimes?!

Lauren, around age two

Firstly, I cannot imagine how painful it must have been for Lauren’s adopted mom.  To raise this beautiful toddler for almost two years as hers and then be forced to let her go live with people she knew in her heart were already hurting her.  I cannot even fathom.  Adoptive parents, can you imagine this??  I would love to hear from you!  If this isn’t already heart-wrenching, wait till we delve into Lauren’s life in her new home.

Once Lauren was taken to her new home, where 5 of her other siblings lived.  She was not allowed to live and play with them.  Instead, 2 year old Lauren was stripped naked and thrown into a small dark closet.  Her mother put a radio outside the closet door to muffle Lauren’s cries.   Lauren had no concept of day and night, she had no light.  She was not let out to use the toilet, but instead forced to defecate on herself and the floor.  She was rarely fed and at times her mother made her eat her own feces.  This little malnourished girl began enduring beatings and torture like cigarette burns, freezing showers, bites, knife cuts and more as punishments for not behaving as they wanted her to.  Lauren eventually became the subject of group rape parties, where she was repeatedly raped and sodomized.  She was also regularly raped and sodomized by her mother and her step-father.

The mother and step-father treated Lauren this way for six long years.  Six years of nobody reporting it.  Six years of near death, barley surviving the torture her captors inflicted.  Lauren’s siblings were aware of her presence but did nothing, probably for fear they would end up taking her place if they told.   Lauren learned to speak from listening to the radio outside her closet door.  It was on 24 hours a day.

Lauren could have been saved long before if only someone would have had the courage to report it.   Interestingly, the day prior to Lauren’s rescue,  an anonymous tip was called in and an officer showed up to do a check.  The officer only stood at the front door, and only saw 4 out of the six children.  He later recalls hearing Lauren’s radio coming from the back bedroom, but didn’t think to do a home inspection.  The officer was satisfied and left, marking it off as all clear.

Amazingly the very next day when the mother was gone, the step-father decided to go knock on a neighbors door.  He had decided to come clean.  He and the neighbors were good friends and their children played together often.  He asked his friends to follow him to his house where he told them about Lauren.  The couple could hardly believe what he was telling them, but soon it became very real when he opened up the closet door.  In the darkness, sat a naked, lice infested, scarred up, dirty little eight year old girl who looked like she was only three.  She was so tiny, she was described as a Holocaust child.   Lauren had peeling, infected and scarred up skin due to laying in her own waste for so long and her severe lice.  She had to have reconstructive surgeries to repair her body from all the damage, and doctors have said that she may never be able to have children due to how severely she was brutalized.  Her teeth were broken and she had damage to her esophagus from eating drywall, plastic, and wood in place of food.  This child had truly endured some of the most horrific abuse and intense pain imaginable.

Horrified at what they were seeing, the neighbors called the police who came and arrested them both.

The closet Lauren lived in

Ironically the first officer on the scene was the very same officer who cleared the house the day prior.  Poor Lauren would have died if the step-dad had not suddenly grown a conscience, seeing how the officer failed to demand the inspection of all six children during his visit.  Lauren’s story has been featured on Dr. Phil and she was courageous enough to tell her story on national television

My goal here with this story is this: people knew about Lauren, I mean, aside from her abusers and the crowd of pedophiles who hurt her throughout her short life.  People came forward after she was found and admitted they knew about the girl in their friends closet.  Neighbors suspected it because they knew of a sixth child that was never seen.  Yet nobody bothered to call it in.  I can only assume that some were afraid that if they called it in they would be on police radar for their own indiscretions.  Has anyone ever heard of anonymous reporting?   Then again, how many times have we all heard about multiple reports being called in for child welfare checks, etc. that were never followed up on by police?  Why and how in all the world do the authorities ignore reports of this nature?  Really?  We all need to step up, step out, and really be aware of those around us in our lives and neighborhoods.  Even if you notice a child in the grocery store who looks like they have been abused, go around to the next isle, and call in an anonymous tip!  I’m serious!  This is not an isolated case, there are literally hundreds of documented cases of horrific child abuse/neglect that others knew about and never reported it.  Don’t believe me?  Stay tuned for my next post which will be about another little angel who suffered unimaginable abuse.  She too could have been saved if only those who knew reported it.

Oh my mom heart!  I have a 20 month old daughter and cannot imagine her being hurt in such a soulless way.   Combined with the orphan crisis, I am truly seeing how Satan and his demons work in our world.  They get such a hold on some people and sadly, innocent babies like Lauren become victims.  Lauren’s story literally made me fall to my knees and cry out to God.  Hyperventilating with tears streaming down my face, I begged God to show me how I can stop this from happening to other kids.  With His guidance, I came to the conclusion that education is what I can do to help prevent this sort of thing.  Showing people what really goes on behind closed doors and empowering them to be brave, stand up and call it in!

How many of us have turned a blind eye when maybe we shouldn’t have because we don’t want to get involved?

I want to use this as an encouragement for everyone to ALWAYS SAY SOMETHING, EVEN IF YOU THINK IT WILL TURN OUT TO BE NOTHING!

I kept a lot of the brutal details out of my story above.   However, I do encourage you to please go and read the full version of Lauren’s heart-wrenching ordeal.  She is a true survivor and an example of forgiveness.  Please go to the links below.  Please make sure to click the arrow at the bottom of each page as there are multiple pages for each part.     Part One     ,   Part two ,     Part three  ,  Part four  

I need everyone to join me in praying for these kids!  Pray for others to have the courage to step forward.  Pray for a changed world.

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