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It Starts with You

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If there ever was a reason to click a link, this is it.  This issue demands our attention! With upwards of 2,000,000 KIDS worldwide being held as sex slaves, how can we sit back and do nothing?  Toddlers… Yes TODDLERS folks   elementary age, pre-teens and teens all held against their will. They are hurting, afraid, and abused in the most grizzly and dehumanizing way.

Child sex trafficking is a real global issue that believe it or not also takes place in your own backyard.  It’s fueld by those who watch child pornography.  Its fueled by your neighbor, your uncle, your co-worker… It’s fueled by your “family man” (or woman I suppose) friend who’s married, has kids, goes on mission trips and goes to church each Sunday.  Totally normal looking, seemingly great people participate in this sickening depravity.  Sorry to put it so bluntly, but it is the dead truth.

This is not a, “not my problem” situation.  Stopping this, starts with you.

Check out the video below and visit OurRescue to learn more, and consider how you can contribute to ending child sex trafficking.

Please watch this, it’s less than 3 minutes:
The Abolitionists

3 Sisters

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Somewhere in the world there are three beautiful little girls- sisters.   These sisters have no mom or dad, and long for a family of their own.  They want to be adopted together, but in many cases there is just nobody willing to adopt a sibling group.

Elsewhere in the world there is a family- a mom, a dad, and children.  This family already loves these girls from afar and wants nothing more than to give them the home, love and stability they have never had.

Generally, when you follow your heart there is no roadmap.  There is not usually time to make plans or “wait till it’s more convenient timing”.   The fact is, when you know you need to move forward, you just have to start walking, putting one foot infront of the other.  You might not even know exactly how to get to your destination.  Nevertheless you walk forward.  Trusting.  Hoping it’ll all come together.

This family, is doing just that.  They are walking forward, trusting, and doing everything they can to prepare along the way.

If you would like to support this family, I have a super fun online auction open right now through April 19th.  Come bid on some neat stuff and help this family along their  way.


EPIC Auction is now Open!

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UPDATE!  This auction was a wild success and with your support over $2,800 was raised!!!  Thank you!


If you read my last post titled Finding Home, you may be curious how you can help support this amazing family.   My Facebook auction is now open and all proceeds go towards bringing these kids home!   So far there are 280 items to bid on, it’s sort of EPIC.   Come by, and bid!   Go Here:  Schultz Family Auction


Thank you!

Finding Home

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Sorry, pictureless post- but keep reading anyway!

Where were you at 16? Think about it…

This family needs help. They are adopting 4 teens who desperately need a family, a home. The Schultz Family are fighting hard to do just that as two of the kids are close to aging out.  Guys,  they have only a bit over $500 in their fsp (their adoption grant fund)!  So, I will be running a new auction starting this week!

If you’re asking yourself why they aren’t funding it themselves, they are!  They are selling everything that isn’t nailed down. Kelly is sewing her fingers off.   They are working hard.  But with this adoption they just had to jump in and say yes right away, no prep time.  Why?  Because two of these kiddos are on the verge of aging out of the system.

When that happens, generally at 16 years old, the children are given nothing and sent to live on the streets.  The statistics of prostitution, sex traffickers preying on them, drug use, violence and death for these aged out kids is extremely high.  There is just no help for them. 

The only chance older kids have, is adoption.  Hence the Schultz Family taking on 4! 

Just this week, they’re van had the transmission die.  This adds to their need and stress.  They are trusting that God’s got this, but lets help them if we can!   Please read more about this sweet family here :

HUGE Thanks!

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Well,  that was fun…

Actually,  I’m lying.   That auction was super tough and I never imagined it would take so much.

I’ve never seen 3am roll around so many times.

However, it was not in vain.     You guys showed UP in a big way to support these four families.   Yes, four families I know personally who are adopting SIX kids between them!

That’s six kids who will each become a beloved son or daughter.   Hugs and kisses,  love and laughter will become their daily life, and it’s such a sweet sweet thing.  A far cry from what they have known.

So really I just want to say  thank you to all who donated items,  shared,  supported,  bid on or won items,  you guys are fantastic!

$1,334 was raised!   It’s been split up among the families and let me tell you,  they couldn’t be more grateful for your support.

Thank you and Merry Christmas all!

P.S.  Stay tuned for the next fun event!   I’ll be brainstorming!   If any of you have fundraising ideas you’d like to see,  drop me a comment!








Facebook Auction Time!

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Hello all!
I am hosting an online auction to benefit four amazing Oregon families who between them are giving 6 children the chance at life and love with a family of their own.  Please visit my Facebook page to read more about this great event!

Come and shop for a cause!  Browse Items, bid, and have fun!

Here is the link for the actual auction album.  Once it begins, this is where bidding will take place:

See you there! 

Winner Revealed!

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First off, a HUGE THANK YOU to all those who supported my fundraiser!  You guys are amazing!!!   This is such a long time coming, so without further adieu… Our winner!    Over $1,200 was raised to benefit the Horton family, Maya’s Hope and sweet little Ben.    Each one of these still desperately needs your support so please click on each to learn more.  You can also find more information as several recent posts have been made on each here on this blog… so please browse!

Congrats to Deanna E.!

Giveaway Update!

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Tomorrow (monday Oct. 19) is the absolute last day to get entered!

I’m only $200 short of the goal!

Once the goal is met, I’ll draw for the winner of the $150 Visa gift card and the $100 Pandora bracelet.  All who donate get entered into the drawing!

Many people have asked questions about my giveaway, who it benefits, and how it works.
With so much information spread about, I decided it’s time for a condensed informational post.

Firstly, I have to give a big THANK YOU!  To all those generous people who have donated already.  Couldn’t do this without you!



Who benefits from the money raised?

There are 3 causes to choose from, or donate some to each!  (click on each one to read about them)



Info:  Maya’s Hope

To donate: Maya’s Hope


Info: The Horton Family

To donate:  The Horton Family


Info:  Ben

To donate: Ben



What are the Giveaway details?

#1 Donate to any or all the causes

# 2 Forward your receipt to me:

#3 You are then entered into the
Giveaway! Your drawing entries
are based on your donation

$5     donation =  1  entry
$8     donation =  3 total entries
$11  donation =   5 entries
$14  donation =   7 entries
$17  donation =   9 entries
$20  donation =   11 entries

And so on…
The more you donate, the more entries!



What’s the prize?

A genuine sterling silver Pandora
bracelet with charm. Worth over $100!


A $150 Visa gift card!

When will the drawing take place?

As soon as the goal amount is reached. I want to get to $1,500 and I believe it can be done, but NOT without YOU!

Just a little something to remind you of who you’re helping.

Hello Again

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Hello Again

Just days ago, precious tiny Chesca passed away. She fought long and hard but just couldn’t hold on any longer. It was because of Maya’s Hope, an organization dedicated to helping children all over the globe get proper medical care (among many other needs). Chesca got the chance to survive, the chance to live with dignity, and essential medication to help stave off the intense pain she was in. Rest in peace sweet girl.

Please continue to read my original post below.

I’ve intrduced you to this lovely little lady once before.
This is Chesca.  She’s 6.


She is just a little girl.  Who likes putting her babies to bed.


And snuggling up with her favorite friends.


But she has cancer.  A rare and aggressive cancer.


It began in her arm, but it spread.
She is a little warrior.


Checsa lives in a part of the world where poverty is prevalent.  And sights like these are common.



Receiving care from a hospital is impossible if you can’t prove you can pay.  Her family cannot afford medical care, yet Chesca cannot go without it. Everyday is a struggle for her and she needs medicine.
Chesca’s family relies on Maya’s Hope.


She is fighting everyday.


In so much pain…


But Maya’s Hope is fighting too… Fighting to give her all the help she needs.
Maya’s Hope helps many children and families around the globe.
That’s why they are a part of my fundraiser .  I want to support them as much as possible, for all the Chesca’s out there that Maya helps.

You can read about the fundraiser here :

Thank you!

Helping Hope

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We knew she would be malnourished.  But the reality of the situation is far more dire than imagined. 

My friend and her husband are now meeting their soon to be daughter Hope.  Hope is 7 and has spent her whole life in a crib.   She wears size 9 months in infant clothing. 

The following images give a glimpse of just how teeny tiny this precious girl is. 
Lauren shared a video with me of Hope, words cannot express how desperate her sittuation  is.  





The reality is, they need to rush a medical expedite to get her home.  This was unforeseen, which is why I am asking for your help, for the Horton family.  Please go here for more details:

Thank you! 

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